Golfers Follow Through With Those Drivers And Gain More Distance

Golfers follow through with those drivers and gain more distance. Most amateurs struggle to get height from the drives to produce the extra distance that is possible from a fairway wood, particularly when a three wood is used that has a fifteen degree loft. The optimum high launch angle requires plenty of club head speed and the correct impact angle.

Golfers Increase Your Driving Distance By Making A Simple Body Weight Movement

Golfers, do you want to increase your driving distance by making a simple body weight movement? If you do, then read on and find out how.

Choosing The Best Golf Shafts For Your Game

Every golfer wants to play at a top notch level. Whether an amateur or a professional, the focus of their game is very important, and it all comes down to power, focus, grip and the right shaft. Choosing the best golf shafts for the ultimate game is tough at first glance.

The Importance of Golf Grips for Your Game

Golf is a game that is very much dedicated to the cerebral player. Concentration, focus, inner peace, these things all can play a part in your success on the course. Another aspect of your game that is far more intentional and less linear than your mindset is in regards to golf grips.

Ways the Emotional Golfer Can Compensate

Certain personality types are prone to exhibit those personalities during a round of golf. Analytical people tend to analyze (and overanalyze) their shots, which can be either a good thing or lead to bad results. Those who tend to bring a lot of emotion to their lives are not likely to change their stripes once they hit the links.

Golf Rule For A Lost Ball

Losing a ball during a round of golf can at times be a very contentious issue. The reason being if a player takes an inordinate amount of time to look for his ball, and there are other golfers coming along behind him, these golfers would not be happy if they are held up for too long by someone looking for their ball.

Golf Psychology Tip – 4 Steps to Confident Decision-Making on the Golf Course

Decision-making on the golf course is vitally important to success and playing with confidence. This effective golf psychology tip will eliminate “shot remorse” from your game due to poor decision-making. Strengthen your mental golf game today with this golf tip.

Golf Rules And Definitions

This article will explain some of the rules of golf and their definition. For example, what is meant by the term addressing the ball mean? Answer, a player has “addressed” the ball when he or she have taken their stance and has also grounded their club. Grounding means once the club has touched the ground the player is deemed to have grounded the club.

Golf Etiquette On The Golf Course

Golf etiquette on the golf course. Golfers are expected to adhere to basic but extremely important rules. This means that a golf player must understand the etiquette relating to safety and good manners that is expected of them every time he or she steps onto the golf course to play a round of golf. This article explains some of the most important aspect of this etiquette.

Golf Rules To Help The Golfer

Golf rules to help the golfer. I have found when playing with some golfers that many of them do not know some of the important rules for golf, and this can lead to some friction between players when a rule is called into play. Through this article I hope I can help explain a few which I find are the most encountered and problematic during a round of golf.

Golf Rule On Lateral Water Hazard

Golf rule on lateral water hazard. This article will explain the rule concerning a lateral water hazard. It can be confusing for beginner golfers who are just starting out playing and do not know what the exact rule is regarding water hazards, so I hope this article will give them some insight as to how they should approach and play it.

Golf Hypnosis – The Truth Behind the Secret Mental Training Method of the Pro’s

Golf hypnosis has been a secret mental training technique of professional golfers for decades. However, the majority of golfers are still left in the dark about what hypnosis really is. Discover the truth behind the most powerful mental training technique available; golf hypnosis.

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