Why China Is the Best Place for Golfing Trips

China’s golf courses are among the most exotic in the world. There are several golf courses to choose from, each offering its own uniqueness. They are especially designed to give golfers the ultimate relaxation they deserve.

Junior Golfers

Having been around the game of golf for several years, I wanted to share my thoughts on junior golfers, and just how competitive junior sports as become over the years. When I was a kid (back before the age of computers, lol), all we did as kids was play sports. It really didn’t matter what the sport was, if it had a ball.

Playing Junior Golf

First of all, let me begin by saying that I am not a golf professional or golf coach. However, I have been involved with junior golf for several years, as a parent of a junior player. From the outside looking in, I think you get a good perspective of the “do’s and don’ts,” when it comes to helping your junior golfer make wise decisions.

Junior Golfers – Practice

First of all, I want to mention that I am not a golf coach or golf professional. I have simply been around the game quite a few years as an interested father of a junior golfer. My views in this article come from watching my son take several golf lessons, as well as watching my son on the practice range and on the course.

Garmin Approach Golf GPS – Golfer’s Ultimate Choice

Garmin has been at the forefront of GPS technology since it’s inception, and they are already a world leader in providing high quality golf GPS units to golfers everywhere. So when they designed the Approach GPS series for golfers, it quickly started turning heads and it has been a hot topic of conversation amongst golfers ever since.

Junior Golf – How Many Lessons?

This article is to discuss how to pick a golf instructor. Over the year’s, we have experienced them all. Here is my view.

Junior Golf Tournaments – Which Ones To Enter

I am just a normal father that has a teenager son that plays junior golf. This article is to discuss what I have learned over the years.

6 Easy Golf Putting Tips for Beginner Golfers to Lower Your Score

If you are not practicing the “perfect putting technique” each time you practice, you will never get the putting game that you are striving for and your whole golf game will suffer. Because putting accounts for about 40% of your total strokes, It is imperative that you give your putting practice the time and dedication it deserves. If you properly follow these few simple putting techniques and fundamentals, you too will be putting like a pro and lowering your golf score in no time.

Junior Golf Practice – Money Ball

As a parent of a junior golfer, I often drop my son at the golf course, and really wonder if he is getting a quality practice in. I want to make it clear that I am not a professional golfer, or any sort of golf coach. Like millions of other parents, I’m just a supportive Dad that wants the best for his kids.

Tips For Playing Better Golf

This Article will help your golf game. I am no expert but have played a lot of golf. These are my experiences.

A Few Reasons Why Golf Is So Hard To Play

Many people think of golf as a very easy sport to play, but these people are typically those who have never played it before. They do not really understand that golf is so hard much of the time. They just see people walking around in a field and…

Golf Schools Will Improve Your Game

Golf is one of the world’s most popular sports, and the excitement of the game is one of the greatest feelings that anyone can have. Everyone who plays golf really wants to get the best score possible each time they play. You can read magazines,…

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