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How to Hit Irons From The Pros In Golf

The important thing to remember when trying to hit your irons more solid is that you want the club head traveling on plane at impact, not pointing up or down. “My longer irons are all about staying behind it and making them work by getting the club shaft on a good plane,” says PGA Tour winner K.J. Choi. “Get the club shaft on a good plane and it’s going to work.”

– K.J. Choi

To take the golf club back low and slow, try to keep your head down, bending forward at the hips as you do so, not at the waist. You want your hands to do most of the work and your head to stay down, not up. This is very important. If you watch good iron players they will notice that their heads don’t pop up at impact like it does with us other golfers who try to muscle our irons.

Adam Scott

This search for speed on the backswing often comes from a basic fear of the ball contact – which is understandable because hitting your irons off-center will hurt and can lead to a big number. So, we take our backswing extremely fast in order to get it over with as fast as possible. On the other hand, if you’re trying too hard, on top of your tempo being off you’re also not going to be hitting the center of the club face, which is extremely important when you’re hitting irons.

– Bryce Molder

Mentally approach your iron shots in two ways, explains Greg Norman: “The first way is to think to yourself that this isn’t a long carry shot like it would be with a driver; it’s a shorter carry shot where I have a little less room for error. The second way is to envision the flight of the ball, picturing how high and how soft it will land compared with my driver. This helps me gain confidence on iron shots.”

– Greg Norman

Once you’re in your setup position, take mental notes of the lies of your irons. How far is the leading edge sitting above the turf? Is it touching the ground at address? Are you setting up a touch steep to keep the ball on the face throughout impact?

– Hank Haney

The first step in hitting better irons is to set up correctly – you need all your weight on your front foot and shoulders turned fully away from your target with hands ahead of the club head. This will help create lag at impact, making solid contact easier to achieve.

– Hank Haney

Playing longer irons requires a little more distance for error than other iron shots because they are so lofted and thus have less carry distance – one inch off center hits with these clubs will still get around the green. Hank Haney says, “One of the keys for me is to let the ball get a little in front of my body so that instead of trying to scoop it through impact, I can let everything work behind it and see how hard I can hit it.”

– Hank Haney

When hitting your longer irons, focus on an abbreviated swing – as if you’re going to take the club back just partway before getting into your full length backswing. This will significantly increase your chances of staying on plane throughout the swing and keeping a compact motion with no excess movement – two things that are a must when hitting long irons.

How to set up for an iron shot

Setting up correctly with your irons is crucial to getting closer to the cup and lowering your golf scores. I really hope this post can help you improve your iron play.

– Have a setup target that is the same distance as the shot you want to hit, such as one club length or how far across the green you want to land it (if its a full wedge then 3 feet).

A common misconception is that if your range ball lands in the middle of your stance that is a good thing. This isn’t always correct though because many times there will be an obstacle on the other side of the ball, so setting up too close to holes won’t allow for proper recovery shots. The best thing would be finding some grass between you and your target and placing your front foot at 2 inches before this marker.

Try not standing directly behind your ball but slightly to the side so you can see where the club leans while addressing it. That way you’ll know how far back of center you are, and can adjust accordingly.

Set up square to the target line with a hip width stance (should be about twice as wide as an iron).

The ball should go into the middle of the stance even if it won’t land smack dab on the sweet spot. This is because if there’s grass or water behind your ball then you will be able to easily open up the face for a better contact point. Especially true for bigger irons like PW,SW and LW.

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