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Hitting Long Irons

The longer the shaft of any golf club, the more difficult it is to hit. Golf clubs with longer shafts force the golfer to stand farther away from the ball making it more difficult to hit. These golfing tips can have you hitting long irons properly and consistently.

Improve Putting

The right equipment, grip, stroke and stance are essential if you want to improve your putting. This article outlines the basics and will help you to sink more of your putts with ease.

Beginner Golf Clubs – How to Pick Your First Set of Clubs

A Famous golfer once said that the best club he kept in his bag was a pencil with an eraser on it. If you’re planning to take up the game of golf, remember that many high-profile companies offer a wide selection of golf clubs to choose from, but you don’t need the most expensive or technologically advanced set to learn the game.

Does Video Help Your Golf Swing?

Using video to master the game of golf. Have You ever seen your golf swing on video? Video instruction can truly help you improve your swing.

The Golfers’ Key to Lasting Concentration: Concentration That Lasts From Range to Course

It is challenging for golfers to maintain concentration from the range to the course, it requires all of practice. Find out a powerful technique that will help golfers to maintain concentration that would last from range to course.

A Crucial Golf Swing Tip – Keep Your Back Straight

When looking at golf swing basics you have those things that the majority of golfers do incorrectly. You also have those things that affect your golf swing much more than some of the other basics. Anytime you have one of the basics to a good golf swing fall under both categories you should pay extra close attention and focus on that thing until you’ve mastered it.

Golf Swing Basics – How to Get Out of Bunkers

One of the most important golf swing basics that is most overlooked is learning how to hit out of bunkers. Bunker shots are a part of nearly every round of golf you will participate in whether you are a pro or a complete beginner.

About David Nevogt and The Simple Golf Swing

David Nevogt is the author of The Simple Golf Swing, which is in my opinion the best guide hands down for learning golf swing basics. He didn’t start playing golf until he was in college and like most people who take up golf was pretty bad in the beginning.

Don’t Fade on the Golf Course, Draw Attention to Your Stylish Apparel

If you’re having one of “those” days on the golf course and feel like you’re not at your best and others are ahead of you in the game, make sure you’re winning in terms of the golf clothing you’re wearing. If your golf apparel is trendy, funky and different and you stand out from the crowd, then you might be lucky and they might not even notice your wayward shots!!

Winter Golf Practice Plan

For those of use who live in the North, the onset of foul weather means that a round of golf will be an occasional event from now until March or so. There is a clear divide between golfing seasons. To get ready for the next season, I would suggest that you practice the money shots, and get some real mental work done, too.

Five Golf Tips for New Adult Golfers

New golfers that are taking up the game in their twenties or even older, will find that they need to learn the basics of the game. Here are five golf tips for adult learners.

Would You Like to Hit Longer Drives in Just 30 Minutes? You Can Do That With These Tips to 30 Yards

If you would like to learn or know how best to hit longer drives and shoot the scores lower then this article will show you important tips you can use to make your tee shots outstanding among many players. If i must be very frank with you, this will result into lots of attraction for you when you commence with those superb massive drives. The very first thing that you must do or take into consideration is to ensure you have the right setup position.

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