How Rory McIlroy has changed his tune on Olympic golf | Live From the Olympics | Golf Channel

The Live From crew discusses Rory McIlroy and his decision to play for Ireland and not Team Great Britain this week in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. #GolfChannel #Olympics #RoryMcIlroy
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How Rory McIlroy has changed his tune on Olympic golf | Live From the Olympics | Golf Channel

Golf Fitness Articles: Preventing The Lower Back Pain

Most golfers will experience some form of lower back pain over the course of time. The nature of the golf swing is inherently unhealthy for the human spine. Through proper awareness (given by golf fitness articles and other reliable sources), coordination, warm-up and training, however, a number of factors can be influenced to give the best chance of keeping your lower back pain-free.

Golf Articles – Golf Fitness Here And Now

Golf specific fitness is not just for tour players anymore. Any golfer can tune their body to improve performance by following a golf specific training program. A little work using tips from golf fitness articles or other reliable resources will go a long way.

Five Easy Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

Like any sport, golf requires a particular set of muscles and reactions to success. Consequently, there are golf specific exercises you can do to improve your game. These exercises are much easier and more effective than full body workouts, and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Nuevo Portil Golf Course Costa De La Luz

This Spanish golf course is set out in forty six hectares of parkland, that meanders its way through a building complex of luxury apartments and villas in Costa de la Luz. The course designer Alfonso Viador opens up with a par five that stretches out down a hill off the tee with a slight dogleg to the left. Your second shot has to stay away from the tall umbrella pines that are a feature throughout this spectacular course.

Fixing Golf Slice Problems That Ruin Your Game in 5 Steps

Slicing the ball is caused by not hitting it square on with the face of the club. There are a variety of things that can cause this to occur though and fixing golf slice causes can often be a difficult task. The tips below can help you correct a variety of issues that may be causing you to slice the ball.

Who Is the No 1 Golfer?

In November 2010 Lee Westwood became the No. 1 golfer in the world. What a brilliant achievement! How good must it feel to be the best in the world? After an impressive amateur career playing for England at several levels in the Boys, Youths and Senior teams from 1988 -1993, and winning the British Youths Championship in 1993, Lee turned professional. After six years on the European Tour, in 2000 he was top of the Order of merit – the No. 1 golfer on the European Tour. Another great achievement in such a short time.

6 Simple Golf Swing Tips – Hit Bunker Shots Like the Pros

I have to laugh when I play golf with my wife. She absolutely hates to play shots from the bunker. I think it is a combination of things. First, she doesn’t like sand flying back into her eyes and second, she has a mental block and tends to freeze up a bit when faced with this shot. I gave her some simple golf swing tips that I learned through practice that has helped her get better, but there are still times when she would rather not play the shot.

Selecting The Right Irons For Your Game

With the many different Irons on the market today how do you select the right Irons for your game? Irons are made from two different manufacturing processes. Irons are either made from a forging process where a die is made and the metal heated, and pounded in the die to get the shape of the club. The other process is a casting process where a mold is made, and the metal is melted down and poured into the mold then the metal is cooled and the mold is broken away from the club head.

How Is Your Golf Swing?

Are you using the right clubs? Did you get them from a yard sale or were they given to you by Uncle Fred? Did you buy them off the clearance aisle at the local discount store when you decided to take up golf as a new hobby?

Do You Have Good Golf Swing Techniques?

Do you feel that your golf game is not what it could be, or should be because you do not have good golf swing techniques? Do you need to work on your game to improve your techniques? Don’t try to come up with a complicated swing thinking that it will make it a better swing. As every golfer knows your golf game revolves around your golf swing and the techniques you are using. They can either make your game a good one or make you a loser at your…

Can A Golf Social Network Help Your Game?

True golf aficionados soon learn that using golf networking sites make it much simpler to co-ordinate tee times with players you know. With handy tools such as personal messaging and online bulletin boards that are a feature of the typical online social golf network, it is easy to customize your social golf website to your liking.

Benefitting From Your Own Golf Group

An online golf group is simply a specialized web-based community. A simple Internet search should bring up several golf groups that include a number of people in your own area with whom you can interact and with whom you can develop relationships. It’s Like Social Networking – If you know anything about Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIn, you understand something about the benefits of an online golf community.

Need a Golf Fix During The Winter? Try Fantasy Golf

Sometimes the prizes consist of cash – other times, it may be a free round of golf at your local country club. In any event, it’s not hard to get started, and with PGA events happening somewhere in the country every month, you can usually win something very quickly.

Finding Discount Tee Times Online

Let’s face it – trying to book discount tee times with Dex and the telephone is time-consuming at best. At worst, it can suck up huge amounts of your day – and you still might not accomplish anything useful. If you have better things to do than sit on the phone, you should know that there are web sites on the Internet that provide a wealth of information on discount golf tee times and other types of golf course discounts.

Find Golf Events Near You

Your local golf courses will want to make sure they have an online presence at these sites, and so they go to great lengths to announce their golf event here. Because they understand that their target audience will be visiting this type of website, they also will sweeten the deal for you by offering discounts for your next golf outing or other golf tournament events.

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