How Matt Wolff’s game has matured; Nelly Korda, Jin Young Ko battling | Golf Central | Golf Channel

The Golf Central team examines what’s led Matt Wolff to top-two finishes in his last two PGA Tour starts and what to expect from him at the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Houston Open. Then, they take a look at the ongoing battle between Nelly Korda and Jin Young Ko in the world rankings.
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How Matt Wolff’s game has matured; Nelly Korda, Jin Young Ko battling | Golf Central | Golf Channel

How to Fix Your Draw and Hook Easily

Draw is a shot where the ball turns to the left for right-handed golfers and right for the left-handed golfers. It is causes by having both a closed clubface and an inside to out club path. Often you will see that your ball starts to fly to the left of the target and then turn to the opposite direction.

You Can Develop Laser Like Focus For Improved Golf Performance With This Simple, Powerful Exercise

I’m sure that just about everyone agrees that the ability to focus at will is a really valuable skill and those who are better at it than others have a real advantage on the golf course. In any form of the game your ability to focus on your target and routines will save you shots around the course. Here is a simple but powerful focus developing exercise that will work wonders for your game.

Finding the Best Fit Golf Club

If you decide to start playing the game of golf, obviously scoring well and playing well are going to be important to you. So you’ll need to put some effort into selecting the best golf clubs.

How to Go From Being a Good Golfer to a Great Golfer

If you’re a good golfer and want to improve your game, this article covers several things to practice and experiment with. If you want to shave a few more strokes of your game or have a few more tricks up your sleeve, this is a good quick read for you.

How to Start Hitting Draw Shots That Will Increase Your Distance

Htting draw shots will allow you to hit your ball around corners on the dogleg holes. This will allow you to make those holes shorter for you. Draw shots will also make the ball roll more and fly a bit lower which can help you hit it longer than before.

Learn Golf Swing Drills to Play Better

Trying to improve your golf driver‘s swing may take a while and sometimes many newbies get frustrated trying over and over again in vain. A newbie golfer should take time to learn golf swing drills and exercises in order to develop the right techniques and skill set. Golf swing drills are advisable to learn especially for a newbie since these are golf exercises which can help you develop a particular element into your game.

Golf Gloves – Control Your Game More Efficiently

Golf gloves are a factor that most beginners in golf forget conveniently while shopping for the game costumes. However, it is a covering for your hands, a part that keeps you in touch with your clubs. The grip you have over the clubs is what decides the way your game goes.

How to Learn the Pro Putt Technique in Three Simple Steps

When I watch a top touring professional like Tiger Woods putt, it reminds me of how simple a putting stroke should be. The pros on the PGA and LPGA tours spend a great deal of their time simplifying their putting strokes so they can make more putts when it matters.

Choosing a New Set of Golf Clubs

Buying new golf clubs involves some decisions for the average golfer. Do you buy clubs individually or do you buy a complete set at once. Golf club sets offer an easy way to get everything you need in one package.

Power Golf Principles

Every golfer, no matter what skill level, wants to hit the ball further. By learning and applying the four Principles of Power Golf, any golfer can achieve that goal.

The Best Way to Practice Your Short Golf Game

Do you need to improve your golf game in a hurry? Read this article and it will shave strokes off your score in no time. Proven methods for improving your game around the green.

Equipment You Need to Start Learning Golf

Your friend who plays golf has been raving on about how amazing the game is and how it gives him a chance to get outside and enjoy a combination of fitness, relaxation and social contact. You thought it would be great to give it a try. But you are wondering what equipment one needs to start golf. The following is your friends advice.

Golf Swing Trainer – Improve Your Golf Swing With the Tour Striker Swing Trainer For Duffers

Don’t be embarrassed on the golf course anymore! If you are struggling, like so many, with making solid contact with the golf ball then you need help. Discover an ingenious new swing trainer that is designed to automatically train you to strike the ball properly every single time. Groove a better swing quickly with the latest in golf swing trainers. Your golf buddies will see the difference in no time at all.

A Guide on How to Boost Your Golf Game

Golf is definitely not as easy as it looks. With some attention to the body mechanics of your swing, however, you will improve your game.

A Guide on How to Boost Your Golf Score

If you enjoy golf then it is likely that you will be interested in how to improve your golf score. While nothing beats practice, there are a number of things you can do to improve your game. The tips shared here are only a small number of the tricks you can employ.

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