How ‘discipline’ allowed Mickelson to make history at the PGA | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Phil Mickelson joins the Golf Central team to discuss his record-setting win at the 103rd PGA Championship, from how he was able to ‘hit bombs’ off the tee to the changes he’s made to his life and swing that made him the oldest man to ever win a major championship. #GolfChannel #PGAChampionship #PhilMickelson
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How ‘discipline’ allowed Mickelson to make history at the PGA | Golf Central | Golf Channel

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Now that summer is here, I decided to go and do something that I have been wanting to do for some time now. That is take a small Lake Geneva Golf trip. For years, I have been hearing about golfing in that area, and I decided it was time to jump in my car and head north from Chicago so I could see what all of the fuss is about.

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Fix a Golf Slice: First of series of Golf Tips on Driving, explaining the reasons for a golf slice and how to cure it. A slice is caused by the club face being open at strike, and the secret is to close the clubface before hitting the ball.

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Are you a newbie in golf world looking for guides? A good set of golf instructions for beginners must contain the like of getting to know the course, preparing the student for the game, giving a list of general rules and procedures of the game and giving instructions on what particular implement to use when performing a certain shot.

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How would you like to get more distance out of your drives? Even if you are one of those guys that can launch a drive 300, you are still looking for that little extra off the tee.

Important Golf Tips for Left Handed Golfers

There is a wide possibility that left-handed golfers may attempt to play a right hander’s game when using the latter’s golf clubs and this will prove devastating. It is highly suggested that they buy a set of clubs that are made for lefties before ending up in the worst of game situations.

Golf Improvement – How to Lower Your Scores and Enjoy More Fulfilling Rounds of Golf

Golf is an elusive sport that causes a love-hate relationship between the game and most amateur players. There are millions of golfers worldwide who struggle with the same issues of the game. I am a struggling golfer who has spent many years trying to achieve a level of play that is consistently good and satisfying. There are several games within the game of golf: the Drive, the Approach, Chipping and Putting. Each has it’s own challenges and requires different skills that have to be given attention through correct instruction and practice. I created an all inclusive resource for all levels of golfers to find answers to their particular struggle with any aspect of their game.

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Who ever thought than an iPhone App could help someone get a hole in one? Well, my friend who was using his gizmo iPhone app. Did I happen to mention how far his shot was? It was 198 yards. Almost the size of two football fields! It is highly unusual to score that far away.

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For Consistent Golf Swings – Remember, “Do Not Think”!

It seems we always have things buzzing through our heads as we find ourselves addressing the ball. Do this, do that, remember this, remember that. But you know what I’ve found that really works? Yep, just step up to the ball and swing without thinking about it! It’s amazing! But it does work. My main concern when hitting the links is to have a consistent swing EVERY TIME I strike the ball. Every golfer looks for ways to become more consistent with their golf shots. Face it! That’s why we play the game, right?

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