Highlights: U.S. Women’s Open 2021, Round 3 | Golf Channel

Relive the best moments from the third round of the 2021 U.S. Women’s Open at The Olympic Club in San Francisco, including Brooke Henderson, Lydia Ko and Ally Ewing. #GolfChannel #LPGA #USWomensOpen
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Highlights: U.S. Women’s Open 2021, Round 3 | Golf Channel

Golf Myth: Use a Railroad Track Image to Align Your Shot

Many golf books tell you to how to align yourself by having you imagine you are standing on one railroad track, with a ball on the other, and the track the ball is on runs right to the target. They also warn that if you set up so the track you on are points to the target, you will be aiming the ball 20 yards to the right. This image is unhelpful, and the warning is wrong.

Golf Shoes for Ladies – Tips Before Buying

There are now many golf shoes for ladies in the market today. This is because the number of lady golfers has also increased in the past few years and manufacturers are now making stylish and trendy golf apparel specifically for women. But to some ladies, especially to those who are new to the sport, are looking for shoes that will get the best value for their money without compromising the look, comfort and features.

Hit Your Golf Ball Straight the Lee Trevino Way

Most recreational golfers have spent their golfing career trying to find a reliable swing that will allow them hit the ball straight. That’s all. Just keep the ball in the fairway, and heading toward the green. Tweaking and more lessons have never worked. But there’s a swing out there that is easy to learn and is built to do just that one thing–hit the ball straight. Read on.

How Do Tour Golfers Get Those Prodigious Golf Club Distances?

The announcer gives the distance to the stick at about 180, the player pulls a 7 Iron. And then he sticks it 2 feet away! And it is not just a few players, they all do it. How in the world can they get such huge distances out of their clubs?

Golf Swing Tip: Stop Swaying

In order to strike the golf ball cleanly, (at the bottom of your down swing and on the center of the club face), all the movable parts in your golf swing must be in sync…Tempo and Timing. When you move around in your backswing, no matter how in sync your swing may be, the chances of you returning the club head solidly to the back of the golf ball, are very slim.

Gadgets for Golf – Gadgets and Gifts

Are you a gadget golfer that loves the latest gadget to make your golf more fun? I have to say some of the latest gadgets are pretty useful, especially the Para Golfer and the Shadow Caddie; I was taken aback by these new innovations, especially to read that they are already in service on some golf courses.

Four Rules to Decide Whether to Chip or Pitch

If your ball is 75 yards away from the green, you would think to pitch the ball onto the green and you would be right. If the ball were only two yards off the green, you would chip it on. But what do you do when the ball lies at an in-between distance and you’re not sure which shot to hit? Here are four rules to help you decide.

The Masters Tournament at a Glance

The 2011 Augusta National Golf Club’s Masters Tournament is scheduled for April 7 -10 this year. The finals are always played the second Sunday in April.

Golf Shot Tips for Getting Out of the Rough

Every golfer finds themselves in rough at some point during a round of golf. Many recreational golfers, in their frustration in being there and their haste to get out, simply grab a club and start hacking. However, this is the time to take a few deep breaths and analyze the situation.

Top Colleges With Women’s Golf Programs

The highest-rated golf colleges for women were UCLA, Southern California, North Caroline, Pepperdine, Duke, Wake Forest, Georgia, Rollins, Stanford and Vanderbilt. Duke had a 85.845 rating compared to UCLA with a 85.612 rating, barely edging them out for number one. Rollins College was the only Division II college named in the top 50 for women. There are a few women’s University golf programs that dominate the women’s golf scene…

Learn How To Play Better Golf – Key Points To Better Your Golf Swing

If you want to learn how to play better golf you first must start with your golf swing. By improving your golf swing will make the game much more enjoyable. Learn the key points to better your golf swing and learn how to play better golf…

Choose The Right Golf Clothing

How do you know you are getting the right golf clothing? This is an important question for a couple of reasons. For starters, first impressions are important. One’s attire, regardless of the activity, is an expression of a person’s personal style and attitude. A second reason, and an equally important one, is that golf apparel needs to accommodate the game’s physical demands.

How To Fix A Slice – How To Get Help To Fix Your Slice

A large number of golfers are self taught. While this is a difficult road to go down, it is by no means impossible but progress may be slow and unrewarding at first. Golf is such a technical sport that many of the fundamentals of the swing can be missed or ignored and this can lead to the development of bad habits.

The Skinny on Women’s Golf Shoes

Thinking of purchasing a new pair of ladies golf shoes? This article will arm you with the information you need to make an educated purchase.

Golf Memberships – Should I Get One?

A big question facing many golfing Americans is whether or not they should get a golfing membership at their favorite course. By solving these two questions located in this article, you will be able to figure out whether or not you want a new golfing membership.

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