Highlights: U.S. Open 2021, Round 3 | Golf Channel

Watch some of the biggest moments from the third round of the 2021 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines. #GolfChannel #PGATour #USOpen
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Highlights: U.S. Open 2021, Round 3 | Golf Channel

Are You a Good Golfer?

When you think about being a good golfer, you most likely will associate your ability with your score. If you’re scoring below the hundreds, that is, in the vicinity of 70s to the 90s you’re probably doing pretty well. However, if you constantly average 120s on your scorecard, you’d probably think of yourself being in need of more improvement.

Playing Golf From Your Subconscious

You may have heard about the power of your subconscious mind. Fear, for example, is a working of your subconscious. It alerts you to the need for self-preservation, stimulating the fight or flight response. Your subconscious is also highly effective when it comes to giving your body cues regarding feelings of thirst or hunger. When you’re thirsty, you reach for water. When you’re hungry, you raid the ref. it’s all instinctive and we respond to it from that level as well.

Golf: Meditating With Your Eyes Open

Have you ever tried to meditate with your eyes open? It’s impossible to do, isn’t it? Unless you fix your eyes on a focal point and concentrate intently on it, there is absolutely no way you can carry on any successful meditative state this way for more than a few seconds. Successful meditation requires concentration and freeing your mind from distractions is only possible when you have your eyes closed.

Why Weight Training Is Important for Every Golfer

Weight training and golf do not seem to mesh well together. At least, this is the perception of some golfers who say that lifting dumbbells bunches them up and ruins their swing. However, these players had the misfortune to engage themselves in a lifting program fit for bodybuilders and not specific to golfers.

Reasons Why Young People Are Getting More Interested in Golf

Nearly 5 million Americans play golf each year which attests to the growing popularity of the sport. It’s not just the older set who find this an engaging activity, too. The younger generation are finding the game a refreshing alternative to the body banging in football or basketball. It is no wonder, then, that with this growing popularity that America holds over half of the world’s golf courses. The existence of a “Junior Golf” category is testament to the fact that golf has come to interest not only the “young once” but also the “young ones.”

Advantages of Playing With Used Golf Balls

Golf is an expensive sport. Apparel, footgear and equipment all cost a fortune. The steep price of preparing oneself for the game is even the reason why most people would rather not engage in it. But you can play golf even when you’re in a budget. And one of the areas in which you can save is by buying used golf balls instead of new ones.

Do’s and Dont’s for the Novice Golfer

If you’re just beginning your journey into the wonderful world of golf, you’re probably a bit overwhelmed at all the information you need to process in so short a time. Add this to the fact that you can’t wait to have your chance of sinking the putt and the excitement and corresponding frustration just mounts. Despite your intense desire to just go out and play, here are a few do’s and don’ts to guide you before you head towards the tee box.

Play Golf for Patience

Patience is getting to be such a rare virtue in this country that we hear of road accidents and fights that can be traced to the impatient honking of the horn or the rush to do things at whatever cost. As fuses get shorter, tempers flare more often and conflicts occur more than they need to. Psychologists advice counting 1 to 10 or more before reacting to a situation that could potentially be explosive. Anger management classes are offered to those who really have extreme problems managing their rages, which can also be traced to a sheer lack of patience.

Preventing Common Golf Injuries

For mere observers, it would seem that a golfer stands virtually no chance of injuring himself or herself during a round. After all, what damage could one possibly sustain from simply swinging a club to get a tiny ball to the hole? Isn’t this why so many seniors choose golf over any other sport?

Tips to Getting Out of a Buried Lie

Hitting your golf ball into a sand bunker is hard enough. Burying it there is a nightmare for most players. If only just a little white is showing from the sand, then you know you’ve got yourself a situation that needs a miracle to get out of…. Or perhaps you just need the proper technique and one hell of a swing.

Why You Shouldn’t Fret About Your Golf Mistakes

As all golfers are bound to experience, committing errors in the course of a round is almost inevitable. This doesn’t mean that playing a game perfectly isn’t possible. It is. But at the rate reviewing errors are given too much attention in golf magazines and online golf sites, it would seem that we are priming ourselves for more splices and hooks if we heed their advice.

Improving Your Approach Shots in Golf

The long and short of golf is basically playing the ball from the teeing ground into the hole in the putting green through fairway and rough with as few strokes as possible. Approach shots are challenging compared to other shots because the road to the green can be intriguingly deceptive.

Tips to Improving Your Mental Game in Golf

Golf is really a game where you have no opponent other than yourself. Sure, you try to get a lower score than the other players but from the time you tee-off, it is your swing that lands the ball in the fairway. Your irons, woods and wedges get the ball closer to the hole. There is no one to blame but yourself if you drive it to a rough or land it in a sand bunker or a water hazard. And you can give yourself a pat on the back if you sink the putt. Perhaps the only real opponent a golfer has is the golf course itself.

How To Prevent Injury So That Your Score Is Not The Most Painful Part Of Your Golf Round

When you go to the course for a pleasant round of golf with your friends, it should be a fun day as well as having some exercise, one thing for sure it should not be a painful experience. Taking the time to warm up properly before teeing off is paramount, make sure you stretch properly before you hit balls on the range not just before you tee off.

Practice Like You Play

New golfers spend a lot of time on the driving range to practice their swings and their shots. Even if they do keep on swinging their irons and woods as well as their putt in the driving range and feel they have their stance, grip and body mechanics down pat, they find it surprising when they cannot translate their flawless practice sessions to lower scores when they actually play in the golf course. They’re doing the exact same thing they did at practice, but they’re having bogeys left and right, with majority of the balls either out-of-bounds or in a water hazard somewhere.

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