Highlights: The 149th Open Championship, Round 1 | Golf Channel

Relive all the best action from the opening round of The Open Championship at Royal St. George’s, where Louis Oosthuizen sits atop the leaderboard at 6 under. #GolfChannel #TheOpen #RoyalStGeorges
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Highlights: The 149th Open Championship, Round 1 | Golf Channel

Putting Drill Tips

A few tips on how to use putting drills to increase your golf ability. These tips are used on your own time to lower the number of putts on the green.

Dream Swing Golf Training Aid – Your Key to a Perfect Golf Swing!

The Dream Swing Golf Training Aid might be the perfect choice for you to get the practice you are after each and every single time. It is literally the only training aid for golf that can help you to swing just like a tour player each and every time you swing the club at the range. This is a necessary thing if you want to get a better golf swing and you want to hit the ball like a professional on the course.

Golf Swing Trainer – Will The Tour Striker Improve My Golf Game for Duffers?

Discover the latest training aide that teaches you the one important swing key that you need to become a world class ball striker. The thrill of making pure contact, hitting greens and playing better golf is just a few steps away. Begin the journey now.

Golf Tips for Beginner and High Handicappers

Learn golf tips on driving, irons, short game, mental strategy, golf shots, fixes and cures, etiquette, rules, equipment and apparel through video and written golf lessons. Often beginners and high handicappers set out to find video and written golf tips that will make them improve their golf game. However, often, they do not know what tips they should be seeking. So, this article is meant to give an overview of the different types of golf instruction that is available so that you can ask the right questions.

Golf For Women – Babe Didrickson – Early Woman Pioneer

A brief background about women ‘s influence on golf history. Special attention is paid to Babe Didrickson, perhaps the greatest female athlete of her time, and a dominant figure in women’s golf during the 40’s and 50’s. Babe excelled as a professional woman golfer who competed against the men golfers of her time. She was an early inspiration to the development of the Ladies Professional Golfers Association.

Helpful Advice Concerning Getting Fitted For Golf Clubs

Long ago, golf clubs are tailored just for experts or some wealthy non-professional golfers. On the other hand, golf emerges as an exceptional and a large business nowadays. Regardless if you are a duff weekender or a professional player, all of us are capable of using the similar club fitting technology and information. Every golf players must be certain in equipping the right tools that suits well their body form, ability rank and bodily states. In getting ready for the golf clubs, there are few vital aspects every golfer must consider.

Good Business Golf Etiquette FORE the Course

There are some common ground rules that you may not be aware of when you are playing golf that can ruin your chances of building that trust and relationship you have been looking for with your playing partners. If you want to be successful at business golf, follow these fore Principles.

What Makes Up A Great Golf Instructor?

In order to separate yourself from the crowd of PGA golf professionals, you need to do what great instructors do. Failing to position yourself might put your entire golf teaching career at risk.

Mind Power in Golf – Improve Your Golf Game

How do you keep the concentration going when playing your golf shots? Explore how to stop the bad shots ruling your whole round. It’s not just about practicing hitting the ball with a chosen club but also about being able to visualize this in your mind…

Golf: Mental Training

The game of golf requires not only the physical skills you have practiced in the previous sections but also mental skills to direct your body and allow it to execute the physical skills. Because golf requires both strength and precision, it is important that you learn to relax as you prepare to hit your golf shot and take advantage of the fact that each shot is a ”contest” of its own to put the ball where you want. This article provides you the opportunity to develop the skills to optimize your level of body tension to prepare for your best round of golf.

Golf Ball Comparison – Choosing the Right Golf Ball

Golf balls come in many varieties from the internal configuration to the outside cover and color. The internal construction of balls varies from a wound center to a solid, one-piece ball. Covers vary from a softer balata material to a firmer surlyn material.

Golf Mental Toughness

Every golfer’s mental control is mediated by his or her unique pres-hot routine. Though there are some common aspects of every good pres-hot routine, the order and some specific characteristics differ from golfer to golfer. For any one golfer, though, the aspects of the routine should always take place in the same order and take about the same amount of time for every shot.

Golf Sand Shots – Explosion Shot

The explosion shot is similar to an iron shot from the fairway. There are three setup modifications from the pitch shot affecting clubface alignment, body alignment, and stance. The clubface is slightly open and aligned to the target for the explosion.

Choosing Golf Clubs – Should Callaway Be Your Choice?

More than likely you have heard the name Callaway with regard to golf clubs and accessories even if you haven’t golfed for long. Callaway ranks near the top of the suppliers list for golfing products. These are the clubs you definitely want to consider if you are soon planning to buy new clubs.

Best Golf Swing Tips

When looking to improve their golf games, many people will turn to new equipment to try and improve their handicaps. However, this is a shallow solution that avoids the real issue. This method may shave a stroke or two off of your game, if you are lucky. However, if you are struggling with your game, the culprit most likely is your swing. Improving your swing is the best of the golf swing tips to improve your score. Following are the best golf swing tips for you to become a better player.

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