Highlights: Louis Oosthuizen leads after Round 2 of 2021 The Open Championship | Golf Channel

Highlights of Louis Oosthuizen’s second round at the 2021 The Open Championship at Royal St. George’s, where he holds the lead after 36 holes. #GolfChannel #TheOpen #RoyalStGeorges
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Highlights: Louis Oosthuizen leads after Round 2 of 2021 The Open Championship | Golf Channel

Effective Golf Tips On How To Improve Your Golf Swing – Part 1

If you are like most golfers, you are always looking for ways to improve your golf swing. When it comes to golf, there is always room for improvement but the one thing that every golfer is always looking to improve the most, is their swing. This is part 1 of this two part article series on how to improve your golf swing.

All The Things About Golf

Before the golf of sport was recognized worldwide and different tournaments were made, it was believed to be rooted in the country of Scotland with the St. Andrew golf course as the venue for the very first ever golf game played and considered by many as the Home of Golf. The sport of Golf first originated during the sixteenth century over four hundred years ago. It has been shown on past researches that the very first round of golf’s ever played that was considered official were played dates back on the year 1577.

Why Face-On Putting Will Work For You

Learn why Face-On putting will help you quickly improve your putting. Understand the inherent advantages of the Face-On putting style and what features a Face-On putter should have for best results.

Putting Strategy: Charge or Die?

Over the years, golf philosophers have debated whether a player should charge putts toward the hole or knock them gently up to the cup. Both styles have their advocates with strong records on the green. What should you do? The answer is easy: both.

Golf Strategy For the First Three Holes: Attack!

Everyone who plays golf wants to shoot a good score. Raise your hand if you want to shoot a bad one. I thought so. I guess I’m right about one thing. But here’s another thing I’m right about. Your scores on the first hole, and the second, and the third, count just as much as the scores on all the rest of the holes. So why not play your best from the very start?

How the Right Golf Drivers Will Improve Your Game

Today the sport of golf is more popular than it has ever been before. There are people of all races as well as all ages getting involved in this relaxing and competitive sport that the whole family can enjoy.

Free Golf Tips – Playing From a Poor Lie

A poor lie is one of the things you will run into no matter what golf course or country club you are playing. There will be times when you end up landing in areas where the grass is sparse or patches with weeds or worse. This is just an inevitable part of the game.

A Useful Guide to Finding Cheap Golf Club Sets

If you have just started to play golf and are a beginner at golfing skills, buying new clubs immediately would not be considered a very wise decision. There are several reasons behind it. Primarily, a new golf set is quite an expensive item.

Golf Handicap – Five Tips to Easily Lower Your Handicap for Duffers

What is your golf goal? Most would probably say they seek a lower handicap. Does that include you? How is it going so far? Need help? Uncover the secrets that will help you accomplish your goal of lowering your golf handicap.

Putting – 3 Solid Tips

Nothing is so frustrating as blowing your putts. Since putting is usually the difference between a crappy round and a good (or great) round, it’s imperative to get your putting stance right from the start. This article provides 3 solid tips for setting up correctly for the putt. Get these right and your putting game will show a marked improvement.

Lessons For Golf – The Golf Game

Golf is defined as playing a ball with a club from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the rules. The competition is played for the lowest number of strokes by an individual, known as stroke play or the lowest score on the most individual holes during a complete round by an individual or a team, known as match play.

Golf Tips On How To Add Backspin To Your Golf Shot

Trying to add backspin to your golf shot can be quite difficult, especially when you don’t know what your doing. The good news is that with the right application and lots of practice, it can be a whole lot easier to do. When it comes to applying backspin to your shot, it’s all about how you strike the ball.

Golf Tips On How To Improve Your Approach Shots

Some golfers are great when it comes to approach shots and struggle with their drives, while other golfers can smack the ball down the middle of the fairway, but can’t touch the green with their approach shots. This article is geared more towards the golfer that needs a little help when it comes to hitting their second or third shot, their approach shot. How To Improve Your Approach Shots The first quick golf tip I’m going to give you in regards to your approach shot is this.

Golf GPS Equipment Can Be A Wise Investment

With the rapid advancements in science and technology in recent years, several innovative devices have been produced to make life easier and more convenient. One gadget that has steadily been increasing in popularity is golf GPS equipment.

Golf Swing Tips – Five Tips on How to Quickly Break 80 for Duffers

Discover the secrets you need to know to improve your golf swing and quickly break 80. Uncover the truth behind the critical few secrets that will make all the difference in your golf swing now. They will change your swing and lower your scores forever.

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