Highlights: Ko, Lin and others just outside of medal spots | Live From the Olympics | Golf Channel

Some notable highlights from competitors like Lydia Ko and Xiyu Lin, who are just outside of the medal spots in the second round of stroke play in the women’s event at the Tokyo Olympics. #GolfChannel #Olympics #LydiaKo #XiyuLin
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Highlights: Ko, Lin and others just outside of medal spots | Live From the Olympics | Golf Channel https://www.youtube.com/golfchannel?sub_confirmation=1

Buying Golf Clubs For Beginners

Beginners always need to be guided on the choices that they have to make regarding the golf clubs that they will buy. The tips mentioned are very important for you to remember. These will guide you on the things that you have to do for you to find the one that will be good for you to use.

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There are very simple tips that you can use in choosing the golf clubs and accessories that your kid can use. The tips mentioned are some of the best. Keep them in mind for you to have a guide all the time. Make sure that you will follow them.

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Topping the ball or hitting it thin that it immediately goes to the ground is a common yet embarrassing mistake that golfers want to avoid, especially when playing with business colleagues whom they want to impress. So how can you avoid topping the ball? First, you need to understand why it happens.

Remove Rust From Golf Clubs

There are simple methods that you have to keep in mind if you really want to remove the rust in the golf clubs. The tips mentioned will surely help you a lot. You have to keep them in mind all the time. These will surely guide you later on.

Choose Golf Clubs And Golf Accessories

Golf is indeed fun to do. You will be able to meet new friends and new people. You have to buy the tools and equipment that you need. Make sure that you will buy the basic ones that you will need. Keep the tips in mind all the time for you to have a guide later on.

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Golf Swing Tip: How to Remove the Golf Slice From Your Game

Being a good golfer means you can break 80 by driving the ball to the direction and distance you want it to go consistently. But this will not happen if you are still swinging slice shots. Slice shots can be corrected but first you need to determine what is causing your golf slices. Below are some of the common root cause of slice shots and how to fix them.

How to Golf Better and Break 80: Three Things You Need to Do

Breaking 80 consistently is a key turning point for golfers, which signify their better grasp of the game’s mechanics and their development into a seasoned golfer. The low 80 score is used in golf as the dividing line that separates experienced and well-trained golfers, from the inexperienced and under-trained golfers.

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Hit a Controlled Fade in One of These Three Ways

A fade is golf’s control shot. The ball rises up high, curves gracefully to the right, and falls gently down to the ground in the fairway or on the green. A draw gets you more distance, but it can easily get out of control and turn into a nasty hook. To keep the ball in play, hit a fade. Here’s how.

Mizuno Golf Clubs – Built For Every True Student of the Game

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