Highlights: Collin Morikawa wins 149th Open Championship | Live From The Open | Golf Channel

Final Round highlights from the 149th Open Championship where Collin Morikawa takes home his first claret jug in his first attempt. #GolfChannel #TheOpen #RoyalStGeorges
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Highlights: Collin Morikawa wins 149th Open Championship | Live From The Open | Golf Channel

Beginners Golf – Learn Golf Etiquette That Every Golf Player Must Know

Beginner golf players need to become fluent in the language of golf. Understanding scoring requires beginner golf players to learn new terms. A good vocabulary equals good comprehension!

Beginner Golf – If You Want To Learn Golf You Must Learn The Lingo!

Before beginners golf they must learn golf etiquette. As beginners golf they must be mindful of keeping up a reasonable pace while looking out for the safety of others.

Hybrid Golf Clubs Review

Hybrid golf clubs have definitely taken over the average (and not-so-average) golfer’s bag and they have definitely changed the way people play this sport. A hybrid golf club is a combination of both long iron and fairway woods. Typically, a long iron has a smaller club face than a hybrid club, which sometimes becomes a problem especially for amateurs who often make bad hits and causes their ball trajectory to “slice“, which is why the makers of hybrid clubs made sure that they made a club with slightly wider “sweetspot” than a long iron.

History of the Masters Golf Tournament

In case you are looking some amazing golf products, then you should rely on Masters Merchandise which stocks almost anything you may need while you are out there on the golf course. In fact, you can get whatever you need so as to be able to participate while you are better equipped for the Masters Golf Tournament.

The Best Masters Golf Tournament Polos And Gifts

Masters golf tournament is a competition held in the U.S. during the first week of April. It is also among the four major golf competitions held worldwide in the sport’s annual calendar. Unlike all other championships, the competition usually takes place in same venue, Augusta National Golf Club, every year.

Hybrid Clubs for the Casual Golfers

The term hybrid originated from a combination of iron and a wood. In this type, the distance aspect of wood is merged with the swing from an iron. Usually these certain clubs are known as “rescues” crediting to the name of the original and finest renowned of the hybrid protocols which is the TaylorMade Rescue. Aside from that, it is often applied for rescue when you got into a bad spot of the course.

Scotty Cameron California Sonoma Putter Review

The Scotty Cameron California Sonoma Putter is milled from a soft 303 stainless steel metal for exceptional feel and performance and is truly a class act. Incorporating Scotty’s classic design principles and latest tour proven technological enhancements, the California Sonoma Putter offers both exceptional feel and performance on the greens.

Scotty Cameron California Coronado Putter Review

The new Scotty Cameron California Coronado Putter will appeal to the putting purists out there who demand perfect balance and feel. This bladed design has a two-tiered flange that flows back into a pulled in heel that Scotty likes to call a pintail.

Golf Apparel – Secrets to Choosing The Right Products

When you are deciding on the best options available for golf apparel, you will find that you really have many possible choices available to you. What you should be wearing isn’t necessarily always first on your mind as a golfer, but being able to choose the right golf apparel, more by how it fits and feels, than how it looks, can make a huge difference in whether you will be playing well or playing not so well.

Having Fun Playing Your Golf In Winter Months

Golfing has often been a spring and summer season activity because the grasslands in this period of time is abundant, the participant can be able of staying on the field for maximum playing time without the concerns of becoming cold all through the event. On the other hand, winter golfing is getting well-known and is being played by growing number of individuals these days. Here are some you may need to be acquainted with the sport.

Hybrid Golf Clubs – All About Them

Do you want to know everything about hybrid golf clubs? Stick around, scroll down and read up to the last word of this article. We shall fill you in on the essentials of this particular golfing equipment.

Burton Golf Bags: Golf Bags That Swing

Since 1907, Burton Golf bags have been synonymous with supreme quality and masterful craftsmanship. You can always be sure that every Burton golf bag that you purchase is made of the finest materials that only Burton Golf can offer. The company’s adherence to quality and excellence is the key to the success of various Burton Golf bag models throughout the years.

Mind Games – See The Shot

You can practice your golf swing in your mind. It’s true – but not easy to achieve. You have to practice in your head as well as out of it.

Choosing Online Golf Shops

When it comes to selecting online golf shops, there is a big variety of places from which to choose. You can find them listed under golf shop, golf store, online golf shop, or discount golf warehouse on the Internet. When you do click on one of them, they offer a wide variety of services to consumers. You can learn to golf from the pros, get your clubs regriped or reshafted, use a state-of-the-art golf simulator to test out your skills on world famous golf courses, and ask questions about equipment from the pros.

Golf Swing Tips 101 on Sand Shot

Many golf swing tip aids can help the average golfer with their sand game. A lot of golfers get a pit in their stomach when their ball enters a sand trap. Did you know that less than 2% of golfers practise their sand game?

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