Hatton eager to prove his Ryder Cup credentials | Live from the Ryder Cup | Golf Channel

Tyrrell Hatton discusses his approach in his second career Ryder Cup appearance and his first in the United States. #GolfChannel #RyderCup #TyrrellHatton
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Hatton eager to prove his Ryder Cup credentials | Live from the Ryder Cup | Golf Channel

Correcting Your Putting Grip

There are those who say that the grip may very well be of primary importance when it comes to fundamentals of the golf game. But if you take a close look at golf pros who are excellent putters you will find that they use a wide variety of grips for every aspect of their game. And when it comes to putting posture, alignment and consistency are more important than grip when compared to something like driving. So your putting grip, and we’ll talk about what it should be like, is not necessarily the thing you should work on once you get the right idea.

Cut 7 to 10 Strokes Each Round With Improved Chipping

If you want to drop your handicap quickly, you need to be much more consistent with your approach shots. Hitting greens from 180 yds. out though is not always accomplished. Therefore, you need to be a great chipper. If you are good around the greens, you will lower your handicap.

Thank You For the Logo Golf Ball

Over the years we have played in many business and association golf tournaments receiving logo golf balls from people who are not only business acquaintances, but friends. Playing golf with business associates has created friendships that will last forever and go beyond business.

Golf Mental Strategy – The Professionals Have One, Do You?

Serious golfers are always looking for ways to improve their game. This article offers some questions to ask yourself as you play the course especially for the first time so that your return trip will lead to a higher scoring second round. Learning to evaluate the course and develop a strategy for better performance is where you can shave strokes off of your score.

Being Selective About Golf Tips

The value of golf tips will vary considerably according to who gives them. Some of them are as simple as a suggestion about a piece of gear – “I’m telling you, Larry, since I switched to this new putter I’m a wizard on the greens!”

Finding the Best Golf Training For Your Body

No matter where you go in the world, golf training does not seem to change much from place to place. Furthermore, if you look at the efforts of golfers over the past generations there does not seem to have been a ton of change over time, either.

How to Choose a Golf Course

Are you looking to book a golfing holiday or corporate event? Here are some top tips for choosing the right destination.

Some Tips For Buying Club Car Golf Cart Accessories

Club Car offers one of the finest ranges of golf car accessories to be found anywhere today to improve both the look and usability of your cart. Whether it is better performance or more comfort you are looking for Club Car will have the accessory you need.

Cheap Used Golf Balls

There are a variety of golf balls available in the market that comes in a whole range of durability as well as quality. Of course, when it comes to the tournaments and similarly important games of golf, only the most expensive balls are used. Generally, when it comes to the practice golf games, it is a very popular practice to use the cheap used golf balls. This is because these used golf balls are really in expensive when compared to the brand new ones.

Natural Golf Swing, Three Mental Strategies to Improve Your Golf Swing

If you want to improve your golf swing there are many resources available to you. You can have a better golf swing in no time if you have the proper training. Here are three mental strategies that will improve your golf swing dramatically.

Try Recycled Golf Balls

It is good idea to utilize used golf balls rather than buying new golf balls. If you do not trust using the used golf balls then you can go ahead and try the recycled gold balls. Trying out the recycled or used golf balls is truly a good idea.

Learn to Play Golf – The Easiest and Most Practical Way

Golf is believed to be one of the most popular and sophisticated sport that can be learned in regular practice. Endurance and patience are the characters that you need to possess in order to master this game; this is an outdoor sport that gives you an opportunity to have more friends and be exposed to a new environment. Learn to play golf by following a set of instructions and rules.

Use This Simple Golf Swing to Lower Your Handicap

The game of Golf has become much more popular the past few years. It’s a game that keeps the average golfers very humble. The quickest way to improve your love for the game is to learn a basic simple golf swing.

You Can Hit Your Driver Straight and Long

It’s often been said “Sure wish I could hit my driver like my irons!” Have you said that to yourself or golfing buddies? Read this article and you’ll find some simple tips to improve your tee shot.

Golf Kit – A Promotional Tool

Golf kit is revered as a corporate sport. Lot of organisations choose to gift these sport kits to few of their business associates. It is simply gaining a lot of significance as a corporate sport. Business entrepreneurs have resorted to online means to find good golf equipments.

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