Golf Pick ‘Em Expert Picks for the 2021 Tour Championship | Golf Channel

Will Gray shares his Pick ‘Em predictions for the 2021 Tour Championship. #GolfChannel​ #PGATour​​ #BMWChampionship
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Golf Pick ‘Em Expert Picks for the 2021 Tour Championship | Golf Channel

The Secret to Huge Golf Distance

This article talks about the secret to getting huge golf ball distance. Everyone wants to hit it 300 yards. This article gives a couple suggestions on how to increase your driving distance.

Galvin Green Trousers and Clothing

The latest trend has swept over the whole golfing world and nothing has been spared. How can something be in any case? After all, the phenomenon has grown so big that one hardly fails to appreciate the effect it has had over players and the play itself. The Galvin Green Trousers and Clothing have become the latest fashion statement on the circuit and to a great extent, off it too.

Techniques To Chipping The Golf Ball

Golf chipping is a tricky aspect of the game, but mastering it is vital to getting a low score at the end of the day! You must perfect your chipping skills to have any chance of being a good golfer. The following article explains the techniques required to master the chipping.

Two Power Coil Golf Swing Drills to Fire-Up Your Golf Swing

Golf swing drills are designed to imprint memory on your muscles on how the right golf swing feels. At the same time, golf swing drills also let your muscles know how the wrong golf swing feels. Below are two drills that will have you swinging great in no time.

Great Golf Packages In The Algarve

As the Algarve is one of the top golfing destinations of Europe, many of the superb golf resorts, hotels and holiday companies offer some great golf packages, so whether you are booking a future golfing holiday or a last minute one, there are some great golf packages, Algarve available. Many of the popular golf packages are the last minute bookings and you can get some fantastic deals. One of the best places to get these deals is on-line where there are plenty of websites to choose from.

SkyCaddie SG3 – The Efficient GPS With Topnotch Pro Features

The SkyCaddie SG3 is without doubt one of the most excellent golf GPS devices ever created with its magnificent precision and accuracy. It has been observed and proven by most golf players who were starting to think they’d never have a chance of making a good game, that there’s been a remarkable improvement in their game pace and course decision-making after buying the SkyCaddie SG3. And these golfers are of the opinion that the annual fee they pay to purchase the membership plan is absolutely worth the bucks. Now wouldn’t you just love to try it see for yourself how much improvement you can make out of your game, too? You definitely must purchase this fantastic device.

Golf Swing Analyzers – Boxing Out

Golf swing analyzers takes a look at how professional golfers practices “boxing out”. It’s too easy to allow the mind to wander when playing, thus making the golf swing much more difficult to perfect.

Easy Golf Drill – Steps You Can Practice To Improve Your Swing

Have you felt that you need more techniques in your golf practice? These are a few steps on how to learn golf swing drills.

Perfecting the Golf Swing Position

These are tips for improving your golf swing position. If you follow the this advice you will straighten out a few golf swing issues.

Tips to Improve Your Golf

One of the most important things golfers are interested in doing is improving their golf swing. If you’re dreaming of swinging like Tiger Woods or Vijay Singh you know you’re going to need some tips and tricks to help. If you have been struggling with your golf swing or gold slice read the tips that I mention in this article and they should help fix most of your problems for good.

6 Tips to Fix Chipping Yips

Chipping yips are those herky-jerky, flinchy golf nerves that strike when it’s time to make a chip shot. Although the yips are manifested physically, they start in the golfer’s mind. Since the mind controls what the body does, curing the problem requires investigation of both thinking and execution. It can take time and patience to beat the chipping yips. But if you work through all the steps, you’ll be able to find out what sets yours off and fix it.

How Your Hand And Wrist Movements Affect Your Golf Swing

To get a good golf swing, it helps to understand the roles your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders play in your swing. Independently, each plays a fundamental part, but finally they must function as a unit. Once the component breaks down, the others will be involved too. Read more to find out more about how your hand and wrist movements affect your golf swing.

The Secret To Hitting A Consistent Flop Shot

Many times in a round of golf, a higher, softer landing shot is needed to get the ball close to the hole. This shot is the flop shot. Often called one of the hardest shots in golf, the flop shot can be successfully hit by any level of player as long as they are able to adhere to the following keys.

A Few Basic Notions About Golf

Golf is a quite popular game, which means that you should know a few basic things about it. Therefore, here are some introduction points on this game, a game which is quite controversial, but also very nice. First of all, you should know that the teeing ground is the place where the tee is, the wooden, plastic or metal support the ball is put on so that it is easier for the player to hit it.

Follow the Trend and Play Golf

Golf is actually a very controversial sport, which involves a lot of walking and not a lot of running, such as in most of the cases with sports. However, people shouldn’t think of it as a sport for the lazy ones, but for those who have very good coordination skills and who have a posture. Also, it is for those who pay enough attention not to drop the golf club.

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