European Tour changing name to DP World Tour | Golf Central | Golf Channel

The European Tour announced today it was changing it’s name to the DP World Tour and increasing the total prize pool to over $200 million. Watch to find out what it all means and how players feel about the shift. #PGA #GolfChannel #Golf
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European Tour changing name to DP World Tour | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Rules of Golf Decisions – Golf GPS

Many golfers would love to know what the professionals know with regard to course information. All that information their caddies provide before and during a tournament.

Guide to Choose the Right Club For Best Swing Speed

While you are playing golf, the official rules of golf command you not to bring more than 14 clubs. The 14 clubs in your bag is including your putter. That’s why you need to select the best clubs that perfect for your swing, the field you play and your level.

Find Your Way Back Into the Green

Upset and disappointed in your score? Bad putts? Basically your whole games are sucky, right?

Meal Plan to Optimize Golf Skill

To boost up your golf skill you must practice it regularly. Not only that, you must consume more nutritious meals. The well-organized diet program will help you to stay fit and thrilled along the game. The proper foods will enhance your concentration and herd you to win the game.

Three Top Tips For Improving Your Golf Game

These are my three top tips for improving your golf game, breaking eighty and shooting like a pro. By using these tips you could save yourself many hours of frustration and pain by trying to teach yourself golf. You can even begin to enjoy your golf again, knowing you are playing to your ability.

Lob Wedge Bounce

It used to frustrate me like hell (and as you are reading this then I am sure you feel the same) when you play a great approach shot but end up a club or so short of the green. Your next reaction is to reach for the most lofted club in your bag, problem is you have a really tight lie on very short grass and you only have a Sand Wedge available – think again.

Fitness Versus Golf Fitness

There might be some confusion and/or wrong impression with the term “golf fitness.” Fitness implies a state of health like having a normal blood pressure or not being overweight or even having the endurance to run 3 miles. Golf fitness, in the context it’s used, doesn’t really pertain to any of these, although some are often by-products from a well planned golf fitness training program. The term golf fitness refers more to the golfer’s physical ability to swing an efficient golf club so as to produce good swing mechanics, effective outcomes, and a decreased potential for injury.

Golf Course Manner For a Beginner

If you are new to golf course, you may want to learn some important golf etiquette and play in a realistic manner. You should improve…

Golf Putting Setup – How Should Your Putter Position Look?

There are a couple of reasons why your putter position is so important in your golf putting setup! Firstly it will have an impact on how well and how consistently you strike the golf ball and secondly, it will have an influence over the direction that the golf ball will travel. Follow these 4 checks to make sure that you putter position is correctly aligned in your golf putting setup!

Golf Training Aid – The Essential Steps to a Great Golf Game

Many might not imagine it, but golfers do ought to workout too. Some might only see golfing like a way of walking within the golf course as well as riding a golf trolley with no physical tension whatsoever compared to many other sports, nevertheless the simple truth is golfing is a physical sport.

Surprise Your Friends With Your New Cleveland Launcher 460cc Driver

Cleveland introduces the all new Cleveland Launcher 460cc driver, which promises to give greater distance! With a wider surface area to confront the ball, this Cleveland Launcher Iron provides a higher probability for hitting the ball.

Golf Swing Drills That Every Newbie Should Try

Golf seems to be an easy game to play, until you are out on the course and hitting your first ball. Many newbie golfers underestimate this game because what they see on TV is a player who has a driver aiming at a ball on a tee.

Practice Golf Mental Toughness Off the Course If You Want to Use it on the Golf Course

Virtually all golfers recognise and admit that the “mind” plays a massive part in their performance on the golf course. The “mental state of a player” has a dramatic effect on the player’s ability to perform. Have you ever wondered how you can go from hitting it well one day to struggling to hit a cow’s backside with a banjo the next? Get mentally prepared if you want to be tough on the course.

The Techniques of Golf Training

Golf is often termed as a game of the mind and concentration. There is a need to concentrate on the angle of the ball to be able to deliver a shot effectively and with success. It needs a great deal of precision and knowledge of the techniques of the game as well.

Best Golf Training Aid

Have you ever played golf or is it your favorite sport? There are several people who love to play golf and if you are one of them, then let us discuss about the best golf training aid. It is ultimately the type of golf training aid that has a lot of impact on the game of golf. There are several products that are available in the market these days which are regarded as some popular golf training aids.

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