DeChambeau ready to win, Koepka eyes comeback at AT&T Byron Nelson | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Golf Central prepares for the AT&T Byron Nelson at TPC Craig Ranch, hears from competitors Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka and looks back on Ariya Jutanugarn’s big win in the Honda LPGA Thailand. #GolfChannel #PGA #LPGA
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DeChambeau ready to win, Koepka eyes comeback at AT&T Byron Nelson | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Cheaper Golf in Arizona – Membership or Discount Golf Card?

Should you buy a golf membership, a golf discount card, or book discount tee times online? This article on Arizona golf will give you comparisons in order to save money.

Fear Is Killing Your Golf Game

Golf is a mental game. Learn strategies to keep anxiety and fear or bad golf shots out of your game. These simple tips will get you shooting the golf scores you know you are capable of.

4 Essential Elements to Learn How to Play Golf

If you want to learn how to play golf, follow these tips and you will be off to a great start. Most beginners start by playing a game, rather than practicing first. If you want to learn how to play golf and develop good habits, do not start by playing a round of golf. Learn the fundamentals first and this will enable you to become a good player.

How to Draw a Ball in Golf – Exaggeration Is the Key

The tendency of most amateur golfers is to slice the ball rather than hit a draw. The two major causes of a slice in golf are: you have an outside to inside swing path during impact, or your club face is open the moment you hit the ball. Some golfers actually even commit both mistakes.

Golf Draw Tips – The Best Way to Correct a Slice

This is a golf draw tip that may be valuable for a lot of golfers who are suffering from consistently slicing the ball. For amateur golfers, the slice is the most common problem experienced in the golf course. Fortunately, this can easily be corrected…

Easy Golf Swing, Pitching and Putting Tips That Can Improve Your Game Dramatically

Golf is fun, but let’s face, it can be a very difficult game. Golf can be much more enjoyable if you are actually good at it. However, a lot of players do not invest some time and effort to improve their golf game through practice.

Improve Your Game With A Golf Practice Net

Improving your shot selection, and determining how much power is needed when hitting the ball does take time. With a net at hand you should find that you can quickly boost your prowess. Moreover, you won’t have to spend many hours searching for lost balls.

A Stable Right Knee In Your Backswing For More Power

Golfers yearn for better consistency and power, and yet the very overlooked right knee in your backswing can make or break you hitting solid golf shots. Most amateurs have too much “wasted motion” in our swings, which cause many faults. This results in fat shots, thin, topped, off the toe, and even the dreaded shank, which can cause golfers to anguish in their game for years.

Golf Club Re-Gripping: How to Know When It Is Time to Re-Grip Your Golf Clubs?

Are you suffering from this common golf equipment issue? Could you be losing strokes during every round because you’ve put this off for too long? Golfers of all levels have suffered because of this simple oversight. What could it be?

Golfing Basics

Golfers everywhere try and repeat the perfect golf swing to improve their game a lot, making shots simple and easy and really looking professional. Nevertheless, one point to be aware of, is there’s no such thing as the perfect golf swing since there is a perfect golf swing for each and every person. As our bodies were made differently, so must our attitude in swinging a golf club. By sticking with basics and just practising as often as you can, you can attain close to perfection and hit the golf ball onto the green just about every time.

Golf Course Design – Constructing a Natural Environment

For many of us golfers, we are only as good as our last game. However the experience we get from playing 18 holes goes far beyond how we actually played the game that day. The way a green will gently slope past a natural hazard on the 3rd whole, or the way the sun reflects of off the birch tree’s on the 18th hole naturally draws us back to our favorite course weather we are consciously aware of it or not. Creating that mesmerizing experience for golfers takes place long before any of us ever will ever step up to the tee on the 1st whole.

Going Green on Your Golf Turf

In order to maintain a lush golf turf, it is important to fertilize the soil properly with organic, environmentally-friendly soil supplements. The article relates to how to incorporate green grass management for greenways and urban vicinities as well.

Is Your Golf Course Receptive To Ladies Golf?

Let’s face it, golf has always been more of a male dominated sport. More and more, however, women are taking an interest in the game of golf. Ladies golf has increased tremendously over the past few years as it has become easier and more acceptable for us to get into it.

Callaway Irons

Sometimes you want a reason for purchasing a set of golf irons that goes beyond the technicalities, beyond the pro shop, beyond the fitting centre…ever romanticised over what it must be like to be not just winning a major, but winning your second major, or your third? Ever romanticised over what it would be like to be Ernie Els for the day, or Gary Player, or Phil Mickelson?

USGA – Rate the Red Tees For Men

Earlier this year, the USGA and the PGA of America had a campaign to encourage golfers to play from the set of tees that are appropriate to their level of skill. I hope it went well, because the whole point was to make golf more fun and easier to play. What few male golfers know is that the right tees might be the red ones.

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