Controversy at Solheim Cup; Nelly Korda and Madelene Sagstrom comment | Golf Central | Golf Channel

The Golf Central team break down all sides of a controversial moment at the Solheim Cup when it was ruled that Madelene Sagstrom picked up Nelly Korda’s ball prematurely, costing them a hole in the competition. #GolfCentral #GolfChannel #FedExCup
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Controversy at Solheim Cup; Nelly Korda and Madelene Sagstrom comment | Golf Central | Golf Channel

The Risk of the Game

The fact that there are risks involved with sports is no secret; it seems that each and every different sport comes with its own range of sports related injuries and accidents. Whether you are at risk for something simple and easily treatable such as a strained muscle, or you are a daredevil dirt bike rider and expose yourself to serious injury on a daily basis, the wide world of sports creates a dangerous playground for many of us.

Your Key to General Golf Advice

Golf has become one of today’s most loved games; people enjoy both watching and playing the game of golf. Despite its humble looks, the game of golf actually requires rich skill and immaculate precision and takes years of practice to perfect. People just getting into the game of golf will often turn to the internet to indulge in an entire community of general golf advice that ranges from the very basics, to the skills of an expert.

How To Manage Your Iron Game

Tiger Woods once said that his irons are his offensive weapons. They are the clubs he uses to attack the hole. And that’s true. We rave about his spectacular putting, but statistics show that he gains more strokes on the field from his iron play than from his putting.

Using Vouchers to Save Money When Playing Golf

The popularity of golf within the UK and Ireland is increasing with the extensive amount of courses located throughout the UK, it’s quite easy to find a golf course to play on. Whether you are a beginner or a long time veteran golf player, when playing golf it’s always good if you can find a few ways to save money when playing the game you love.

Golf Advice Helps Make Better Golfers

Whether you are just getting started in the game of golf or you consider yourself a relative expert, there is no question that good golf advice can help to make you a better golfer. But how do you determine what is good advice and what is just the opinion of someone in the industry who wants to be heard?

Golf Information About Conscious Competence – The Handicap Golfer

Don’t Be Hard on Yourself: The Game Will Come to You When you finally qualify as a consciously competent player, you will find that none of your efforts were in vain. You will reap your rewards, but don’t let that mislead you, as many golfers in this arena will testify. A few points will make matters easy for you.

Golf Courses of the World Offer Variety and Beauty

Some of the best golf courses of the world may be ones that you already know about and others may be well kept secrets that are a surprise and delight to discover as well as to travel to for playing some of the best golf games the world has to offer. Many of these courses are not for the faint of heart or the young player who is just getting on the greens for the first time but others are welcoming and even inviting to all skill levels and offer a host of features and amenities in addition to golfing…

Golf Information About Unconscious Competence – Very Low Amateurs and Pros

When a top player hits a shot, at that moment, he is trying to show the world physically, what he has internally experienced moments ago. This is the end of your journey for learning golf. All aspiring to compete at the topmost level, must reach this destination. I had mentioned the Principle of learning skills at the very onset that will help you in developing any skill you want.

Golf Putting Secret Tips to Hit the Golf Shot

If you are new to golf and looking for golf putting tips to increase your confidence and lower your score then you are in the right place. Mention golf putting tips will help you when you need it.

Being Insured Protects You From the Unexpected

People sometimes tend to overlook the importance of having insurance. Typically when one mentions the word, “insurance”, people automatically think of the typical policies relating to cars, homes, and health, but there is actually much more to having insurance than initially meets the eye. Insurance of every kind is a defence mechanism against injury, death, accidents, fires, and other unforeseen incidents that can strike without warning.

Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing Basics

One of the most talked about factors in improving your game at golf is the Golf Swing, over time you can perfect your golf swing but at first it looks much easier than it actually is. When you first started to play golf you may feel quite clumsy when taking your first drive, a great way to start feeling comfortable with your swing is practicing at a driving range.

The Perks of Golf Club Insurance

Being insured is common and important in today’s faced paced society, it is important to have home insurance, fire and flood insurance, and car insurance, but there are tons of other optional forms of insurance on the market that can help to improve other aspects of your everyday life. Even certain hobbies can have insurance plans that parallel them, and one of the most common is golf.

Conscious Incompetence – New Beginner and Infrequent New Player

In case you are a beginner and have already had some lessons over a few weeks or months, you might be judging yourself as an extremely slow learner, or absolutely hopeless with no golfing aptitude whatsoever. You might even be thinking that you have been taught the wrong swings. But these doubts only surface when you move on to being someone who is consciously incompetent – you know what is to be done, but are unable to do it.

Benefits of Playing Golf With Friends

Playing Golf can be a great way to spend your day off or even to wind down from a long work week, but when playing with a friend it makes the experience so much better and gives yourself some competition on the course which will improve your skills or even show off your golf skills to others. Playing golf doesn’t have to be a solo sport and in most cases you will end up making plans to golf with a colleague, friend or even a potential business partner. People not only play golf with a friend as a social…

Some Beginners Tips on Playing Golf

Golf can be a difficult sport to master; you may think that’s why the pros make so much money in the tournaments. Although you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy golf there are some beginner tips on how to improve your game and become a worthy opponent for friends and other competitors in competitions and tournaments.

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