Collin Morikawa owes ‘everything’ to Scottish Open for 149th Open win | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Champion golfer of the year Collin Morikawa talks about his historic win at the 149th Open Championship, how the Scottish Open prepared him and more. #GolfCentral #GolfChannel #TheOpen #RoyalStGeorges
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Positive nerves push Collin Morikawa to Open Championship victory | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Electric Golf Trolley – Features

The electric golf trolleys are becoming more complicated. Various models are available at the market today which can be used to control the speed in different ways. Speed can held constant or manually controlled depending upon the manufacturing of the trolley.

Golf Swing Mechanics – Golfing in The Canadian Rockies

There are a number of excellent golf courses you can play in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. There are three areas you should consider; The Kananaskis, Canmore and Banff areas. All are approximately one hours drive from Calgary, Alberta. All Are in the middle of some of the most beautiful mountain scenery you will ever experience.

Golf Swing Mechnaics – The Par Five

The par five is the longest of all the golf holes. For the average golfer it requires three good golf shots to reach the surface of the green. More proficient golfers can reach the surface of the green in two shots.

Golf Swing Mechanics – The Par Four

The golf course is divided into different playing fields called golf holes. These golf holes are each given a certain rating. There are different ratings which can be given a golf hole. These ratings par three, par four and par five. The most common of the three ratings on any eighteen hole golf course is par four.

Golf Swing Mechanics – The Par Three

The shortest of all the holes on a golf course is the par Three. This hole is designed so that the green can be reached in one shot. If you reach the green of a par three in one shot and proceed to two putt it, you will have pared the hole.

Golf Swing Mechanics – The Sand Trap

The sand trap is a part of the golf course you want to avoid. However if you land your golf ball in one, all is not lost. Using proper golf swing mechanics will help you to deal with the sand trap.

Golf Swing Mechanics – The Golf Ball

The faster the club head speed when it meets the golf ball, the more it will compress it. The higher the compression of the golf ball the farther it will go. A higher compression ball will fly farther than a lower compression ball, provides you have golf swing mechanics that can take advantage of the compression. You swing has to have enough club head speed to compress a 110 compression golf to take the most advantage of that compression.

Golf Swing Mechanics – The Golf Course

The game of golf is played on a golf course. It consists of eighteen sections, called holes. Each hole is different in length and difficulty. Because of the difference between each hole, different type of shots have to executed to achieve the lowest score.

Golf Swing Mechanics – The Putter

The putter is the most critical club to master in the game of golf. Just ask any PGA tour professional. When the putter is hot, so is their game. Good putting erase any number of bad shots on the fairway. The putter is the one of the reasons the term “save par” got coined.

Get Your Golf Swing Mechanics Right The First Time

Golf is a very unique game. It uses a ball, but unlike basketball or baseball, it is not played on a standardized playing area.

Is Golf the Perfect Fitness Remedy?

I always considered golf to be rather a relaxing kind of activity. A gentle meander down corridors of green meadow, halting now and then at various stages along the walk to nudge forward a little white ball towards a little hole set upon a distant green.

Over-Loading the Brain With Swing Thoughts Can Have Devastating Effects on Your Game

A good friend of mine decided one day to go and do something positive about improving his swing. He’d got to the stage where he simply could not hit the ball with any consistency whatsoever. In fact he was downright disgusted with himself.

Are You Allowed to Move Your Head 4 to 6 Inches to the Side During Your Golf Swing?

I have come across some strange theories in my time concerning the actions of the golf swing and I was about to dismiss this one simply because it went against one of the most fundamental principles of standard teaching practices in golf. We are taught to keep our heads still throughout the swing and yet it was advocated you are allowed to move your head sideways during your golf swing by up to 4-6 inches.

Take Time Out and Smell the Roses Along the Way

I was playing golf the other day at my local course with a 20 handicap friend of mine called Dave. Now I must say first and foremost I do enjoy playing golf with Dave simply because he enjoys the game immensely and nothing seems to get him down. I have never seen him shout or swear or even throw his clubs in anger.

Golf Cart Bag – Choosing The Right Golf Bag

Looking for a golf bag can sometimes be a tedious process. After all, you want to make sure that your bag does everything that you need it to do and be within budget as well. There are different styles of bags, and some are meant for walking, and others are designed to fit in the golf cart if you prefer to ride. I’ve come up with a few different things to take into considering so that you’ll know what you need to look for when purchasing a golf bag.

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