Can Phil Mickelson keep rolling at Charles Schwab Challenge? | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Golf Central looks ahead to the Charles Schwab Challenge, the Senior PGA Championship and Ole Miss’ NCAA championship.#GolfChannel #GolfCentral #PGA
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Can Phil Mickelson keep rolling at Charles Schwab Challenge? | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Drive Your Ball Into the Fairway With a Safety Shot

Probably the hardest thing to do in golf, and yet the most important, is to get your drive in the fairway. Recreational golfers have a love-hate relationship with their driver. They can’t hit it that well, yet they can’t stop pulling it out of the bag. It’s time for you to get this most difficult golf club under control, and you do it by thinking of the drive as a safety shot.

The Benefits Of Investing In A Gas Powered Golf Cart

Although for most people the electric variant springs immediately to mind when mention is made of golf carts, it is a fact that gas golf carts are also extremely popular. Despite the fact that we are moving towards electrically powered vehicles more and more these days, gas powered models do have many advantages.

Simple Tips to Driving a Golf Ball

Mastery is the goal of every golfer. It is what makes the game better and better. The goal of being able to improve the essential parts of the game is what gives you power and confidence. Driving a golf ball is one of the most important things to understand in this game. The key is to know how to pave the way for a clear direction. Balance and control is what makes a good drive. It also depends on the number of years you have been playing and the amount of practice that you have placed into it.

Create A Graceful Motion With The Hybrid Golf Clubs

The game of golf is one of a kind. Seeing a person make a strike, you can witness how they create such graceful posture. The feeling I get from playing golf is incomparable and satisfyingly indescribable. This is one main reason why I am so dedicated in golf.

Top Reasons Why People Love Golf

One may wonder, what’s with golf? Why do people love to walk around trying to get a tiny ball into a small hole? Why do men love this sport? What’s in it for them? For some, they want to become the next Tiger Woods. But for others, the game of golf is just as mentally challenging as life itself. Besides that, golf gives people a sense of satisfaction like no other sport can.

The Fundamentals of a Good Golf Swing

Golf is one of the most loved sports and leisure activities nowadays. But playing golf is more than just hitting or striking the ball with your club. Learning how to improve your game with a good golf swing technique will help make you a better golfer.

Want The Perfect Golf Swing Tips? Improve Your Swing Dramatically Following These Perfect Tips!

Let’s face it golf is just not for everyone, but for those of us who enjoy nothing more than spending our entire weekend on the golf course, you’ll enjoy this information this article will provide. After you’ve played several games of golf and have become comfortable with your clubs, you’ll soon want to find ways to improve your golf swing, among other things. I mean it is a fun game, but a little competition never hurt anyone, right?

Golf Drivers That Stand Out And Get Celebrity Attention

When looking for the top ten golf drivers, there are several ways to find out which ones keep the cash registers ringing. One is to turn to review sites or check out the top selling items being bought from retail stores. Another way to find out may be to read golf magazines and journals, where you’d find the top rated golf drivers singled out for criteria as sleek looks, distance, accuracy, and so on.

3 Unexpected Costs of Buying a Used Golf Cart

Tires that are worn out, seats that have tears, cracked windshield and lights that don’t work. These are not unexpected expenses. These are things that you can see just by looking at the golf cart. These are 3 things that if you don’t do, then your golf cart will not be all that it can be. These are not cosmetic things; these are things that if you do them your golf cart will be faster, your batteries will last longer, it will be smoother, handle better and save you money in the long run.

Odyssey Limited Edition Golf Putters Review

The Odyssey Limited Edition Pro-Type PT82 putter is a replica of the one that helped Phil Mickelson conquer Augusta to win the 2010 Masters! So if you want to find out what Tour Pro putter technology feels like, then read on to learn more about Callaway’s latest Odyssey Limited Edition golf putters.

Golf Swing Plane Drill

I have written extensively about the golf swing plane and how it is of utmost importance to perfect it, if one is ever to play this game at a proficient level. But I am also well aware of how difficult it can be for the average golfer to “feel” exactly what their proper swing plane is and how to consistently swing the golf club on it.

Definitive Guide on How You Can Hit a Draw in Golf

Golf is a fantastic sport, but in order for one to enjoy it thoroughly a person needs to be passionate first in learning how they can master the game. One important aspect is hitting a draw in golf; you need to be able to create controllable shape shots.

Club Car Golf Carts – Tips For Buying And Customizing Your Golf Car

When it comes to buying a golf cart many people find the sheer size of the market confusing. There are a number of kinds of models of Club Car golf cart available currently and the aim of this short article is to give you a number of pointers to picking the golf cart that best suits your needs.

New 2011 Odyssey DART Putters Review

Callaway continue to lead the way in golf putter manufacture, with the new release of their 2011 Odyssey DART Putters. Utilizing the very latest in cutting edge design and technology, these high performance putters will have you putting more accurately and with more consistency than ever before!

Purchasing An Electric Golf Cart

At present golf carts come in both gasoline-powered and electrically powered models, so which is better? Well, for the people buying their first golf cart, we would highly recommend that you look first at electric powered golf carts.

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