Cameron Smith and Marc Leishman win Zurich Classic in playoff | Golf Central | Golf Channel

After carding a 2-under 70 in the final round of the Zurich Classic to defeat Louis Oosthuizen and Charl Schwartzel on the first playoff hole, Cameron Smith and Marc Leishman reflect on their victory and explain what it means to them. #GolfCentral #GolfChannel #PGA
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Cameron Smith and Marc Leishman win Zurich Classic in playoff | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Can an Ordinary Player Achieve the Tiger Woods’ Golf Swing?

The Tiger Woods’ golf swing, circa 2008, was about the best a swing can golfer get in actual practice. The stance was closer to the ball, bent at the hips with shoulders properly straight and aligned with the spine. What did the swing produce?

Selecting The Best The PinSeeker Rangefinder

You don’t want to purchase “any old” golf ranger finders. You will want to purchase those devices which are top of the line and integrate PinSeeker Technology into the mix. Why buy any device that is anything less than the best range finder on the market? Some might mention that the price of the rangefinder might be the impediment. However, cost may not necessarily be the issue here. Contrary to what some might assume, the truth is that there are golf range finders with this innovative technology that are available for a variety of different budget ranges.

New to Golf – Get Some Lessons From Your PGA Professional

I never cease to be amazed by the number of golf beginners I come across who believe that they can become proficient at the game by taking lessons from their best mate or from online tutorials. This is a false assumption. Having decided to buy some new golf clubs and to play the game my recommendation to anyone in this early stage of their career would be to invest in some golf lessons from a PGA qualified professional.

5 Free Golf Tips to Long Putts

If you are not prepared, long putts will cost you strokes. Misjudge the putt and there is a good chance that you will end up with a three putt or worse. This is why it is so important to get the first putt close.

Three Tips To Improve Putting For Beginners

The precise areas of technique that you will need to work on will depend on the technique you have in the first place. Clearly, this will vary from player to player and advice from a coach or good golfer is beneficial. However, in general there are three areas to consider in order to improve your putting.

GPS for Golfers

Playing golf can be an incredible experience, but it’s always more fun when you’re winning! A golf GPS won’t hit the ball for you, but it can be a valuable tool as you try to master this challenging game.

3 Tips For Finding Golf Balls In The Rough

Smacking a tee shot or a fairway iron into the rough is a relatively common occurrence for most recreational golfers. Landing a ball a few yards off of the fairway typically isn’t a big deal unless you are unable to find it, which can lead to dreaded penalty strokes and a need to fork over cash for new spheres. Losing balls on the course can be embarrassing, expensive and time-consuming and can easily ruin whatever rhythm or focus you were carrying throughout your round.

What’s the Difference? GPS Vs Laser Rangefinders

Golf rangefinders generally fall into two types, GPS (Global Positioning System) or Laser Beam models, you will see both types in common use out on the course, but what’s the difference between these systems? Both systems aim to deliver the same result, the accurate yardage the golfer requires for the next shot. However…

Golf Stretching For A Better Swing

If you’re a golfer over 50, you need to read this article. I want to ingrain this statement in your brain. “Golf stretching for a better swing”. Now repeat that a couple of times, and let it sink in. I’ll make a bold statement that nearly all the golfers that are 50 years or older have range of motion issues in their golf swing. This can really inhibit your ability to make a full backswing. Not making a full shoulder turn robs you of distance. And, it can also cause all kinds of swing faults.

Bunker Shots And Impact

Fault: When playing bunker shots I see players trying to ensure that their hands lead the swing like when chipping. I’ve even seen some golfers position the ball behind their back foot. It is literally impossible to swing the club with the ball positioned this far back in your stance without having your hands lead the way.

How To Choose A Driver For Golf

In the minds of amateur golfers, the driver is the most important club in the bag. If so, learning how to choose a driver for golf would be important, right? Unfortunately with all the drivers out there, it’s not an easy task. Each brand whether it be Callaway, Titleist, Nike, Ping, or Taylormade, has multiple ones to choose from. So how can we make it easier to choose one that’s fitted to your swing mechanics and physical abilities?

How To Drive A Golf Ball Far

Bragging rights in golf is who hit the longest driver that day. Golfers have been search for the holy grail of “how to drive a golf ball far” for decades. As if there is some long, lost secret that they are going to uncover. I am sorry to say, there is no secret. There are several things you can do, to ensure you have a good chance of hitting longer shots, but there is no guarantee.

Golf Setup

All golfers have their own rituals prior to making the swing. These rituals on setup are important in as much as they establish consistency in performance. The logic here is that since you setup the same way every time, you train yourself to develop the right position, posture, etc. that really work. In addition, you also become less affected by external influences like the wind, temperature, crowd noise, jibes from fellow players, equipment, among many others. If you setup with things that you’re used to, everything else will follow.

Putting Tips – Improve Your Putting Now!

One of the challenges in golf is mastery of putting. This routine is often touted as a game inside a game in as much as a lot of skills needed are different from those needed in the rest of the game. It is very important to be a brilliant putter since most of the shots-often nearly 50 percent-come from putting.

Golf Back Swing

A lot of golfers make the mistake of letting their left knee collapse to the right during their golf back swing. Little do they know that this pulls the shoulder down and makes the hips sway and misaligned. The solution to this is to think of the left knees as going out toward the ball during backswing. There should be a feeling of tension and stability in both knees. One activity that golf instructors do to teach this is to make their students hold a basketball between the knees.

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