Bryson DeChambeau: Fan heckling goes beyond me | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Bryson DeChambeau sat down with Todd Lewis to discuss fan behavior on the course and his thought’s on getting along with Brooks Koepka for the sake of the Ryder Cup. #GolfCentral #GolfChannel #FedExCup
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Bryson DeChambeau: Fan heckling goes beyond me | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Three Go-To Short Game Shots You Need To Have

The variety of short game shots you might need to hit is almost infinite. No shot is ever the same as one you have hit before. While that might sound daunting, you can simplify things by having these three go-to shots that will get you through ninety percent of the short game situations you will face.

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Free Golf Suggestions and Tips

You will find many tips on this article on the fundamentals of golfing. If you’re a beginner looking for insights on training, golf swings, equipment, and methods, then we can greatly help you.

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A lot of newcomers in the sport of playing golf find that it’s quite hard to make that first investment or have challenges buying golf clubs. There are lots of unique makes of golf sets, then you will find the signature collections by your preferred player, color styles, and so on. Have a look at a web-based golf pro shop, and following just a handful of these hints, you will certainly discover shopping for golf clubs on the web a fun adventure.

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Golf is a spectacular sport played with a club and a ball supported in a tee. The sport may seem easier from a distance but when you indulge in it then you will get to know it is one of the toughest sport needing balance, concentration and physical strength all at once. If you lack even one of these qualities then you will end up just as a ball boy and not a player. So before you take up golfing do some workouts to increase your physical strength, and keep your concentration keen and your balance steady.

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Ever wondered how woods gets it right and you are not able to get the ball even to half his distance? Well golf is not just another game. It is about passion, endeavour and zeal which make it one of the best sports in the world. To master it you must have that degree of passion towards the game or else you cannot get anything from the game. As you learn a game the game teaches you a lot of things like patience, hard work, success and failure. To enjoy and indulge in those feeling is a bigger gift than winning a championship. So before we move on to the tips, make sure you develop a liking and passion for the game which has won many people’s hearts.

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