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In this GolfPass series, Build A Better Game: Max Distance, Bryson DeChambeau reveals his driver training that helped him gain speed and distance. Bryson teaches you how he gets more distance out of his golf swing.

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Beginner’s Easy Golf Grip Lessons – Basics on How to Grip the Golf Club

It is incredible to watch golf players swing their golf clubs swiftly and let the ball fly and roll perfectly. As a beginner, you can do better in your slices and hooks just like those golf stars.

Golf Swing Lesson – How to Fix a Slice For Duffers

You can fix your slice. Nothing screams novice louder on a golf course than a ugly slice. Learn the secrets to curing your slice and stop the embarrassment today. You enjoy the game so much more, shoot lower scores, reduce your handicap and maybe even break 90.

Introduction to Hybrid Golf Clubs

The objective of golf is actually quite simple, like any other ball games, all you have to do is put the ball on the hole. In the case of gold, the player with the least hits to get the ball to nine hole wins. But unlike other average ball games, golf does not require athletic skills, the success on this sport relies both on the player’s skill and his or her equipments.

The Real Secret to a Good Golf Swing

Did you know that somewhere in the region of 80% of golfers never get a handicap lower than 18? They love the game and play as often as they can, but they never ever get their handicap below a one shot allowance per hole. Why?

Getting Better in Golf

Golf is one of those games recommended for stress relief or just a game you can play with no hustle. There is no impact or strenuous that is involved in golf and because of those reasons is played by many people. But want people do not seem to know is that they are some risks when you are playing golf. Don’t think about the golf ball hitting you in the head am talking about your feet.

More Comfort For Golfers

Golf is a wide world played sport. It’s an easy smooth game played by many because its does not have any impacts that may rid to injuries. It’s a relaxing sport really recommended for relieving stress. But golf is not always safe and stress free. They are some important requirements you need to have before you can play golf safely.

Clothing Attire at the Driving Range

The driving range is a place to go and practise your golfing technique to improve your handicap and overall golf game. They are open to the public and are also found in private golf clubs. But what clothing attire should be worn at the driving range?

Golf Tips For Beginners – How to Start With Your Golf Career

So you are planning to join the golf team. Welcome to the team!

Putting Instruction – Five Tips to the Best Mental Putting Techniques For Duffers

Putting well is a much sought after goal of literally every golfer in the world. It can be an elusive goal as most of us have come to realize. That’s why you need these five tips designed to help you improve your putting. The next ten minutes will make you a better putter for the rest of your life.

Easy Golf Exercises – Work Out to an Effective Golf Swing!

Before you go out in the fields, assess yourself: Do you have adequate endurance, aerobic capacity, core strength, range of motion, muscle strength, and proper balance? Well, you need to. Strength, stamina, and flexibility are essential for longer and better drives.

Golf Tip – The Importance of Golf Club Selection

Picking the right club for your next stroke is vital in golf. Get it wrong and you could end up in a hazard or lose the ball completely. The club selection could be the difference between a fantastic round and a dire round.

How to Shoot Lower Golf Scores in Two Weeks!

So let me tell you how I changed my golf game and how I learned to lower my golf scores and get those birdies and pars. I figured the best way to improve my golf game is to start from the beginning and work my way towards the hole more. I realized that I need to fix the technique I had on my swing. I obviously, wasn’t hitting the ball correctly so I researched the correct way to hit the ball of the tee and how my swing should be.

Improve Sales at Your Golf Club With Golf Packages!

Golf courses across the world seem to have problems coming up with creative and new ways to sell rounds of golf, membership. They also have problems getting people to eat in their restaurants at the country club after a round of golf.

Women and Golf

Women have played golf since it began and have made numerous contributions to the sport. The history of women’s golf includes gifts to the game from its very beginning all the way to today’s LPGA Tour.

Choosing a Golf Cart Heater

No one wants to be cold! Choosing a golf cart heater can help you stave off the chill on those days when the temps are low.

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