Bryson DeChambeau assesses state of play before PGA | Live From the PGA Championship | Golf Channel

Bryson DeChambeau makes himself available to the media prior to the 103rd PGA Championship on the Ocean Course at Kiawah Island. #NBCSports #PGAChampionship #BrysonDeChambeau
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Bryson DeChambeau assesses state of play before PGA | Live From the PGA Championship | Golf Channel

Rory McIlroy – Exorcising the Demons

Last night I was sitting in my chair watching Northern Ireland golf star Rory McIlroy hit a golf ball as well as I’ve ever seen one hit. It was the first round of the 2011 US Open and McIlroy was making what is an incredibly difficult test of golf look remarkably easy.

Get More Power When Playing Golf

Are you planning to start playing golf? Many people want to spend their free time playing golf to relax and unwind after a tired week at work. This is especially true for people who love the outdoors.

Purchasing the Suitable Best Golf Drivers

All of the top name brand drivers being produced today must be limited in their performance so that they can pass the USGA’s standard. So, with our process we are basically converting a legal club into an illegal one by taking it well past the performance standard allowed by the USGA. The reason they are illegal is because (USGA) has a rule that says if the face of your driver is acting like a spring to give the ball an extra boost, then it is illegal.

Golf Backswing Tips That Helps to Lower Your Score

The backswing is one of the moves that are taken for granted in golf. As everyone focuses much on the downswing wherein the club comes in contact with the ball, this type of golf swing seemed to have been overlooked by some players. Learn to lower your score with proper backswing technique discussed here.

Cheap Golf Equipment Doesn’t Equal Cheap Quality

There is a commonly held view that says if something is cheap to purchase then it is probably lacking in quality. Fortunately in the case of cheap golf equipment this is not generally true and people shouldn’t be discouraged from buying an item of golf equipment just because of the cost.

Buy Golf Clubs and After That Join a Club – Benefits of Golf Club Membership

All golfers new to the sport will at some point be confronted with a basic question – should I apply for a golf club membership? Following the effort to go out and buy golf clubs and to learn the basics of the game at the local pay-and-play course, the inevitable question of golf club membership will always arise.

Golf Etiquette – Buy Golf Clubs But Learn the Unwritten Set of Rules

If you’re a newcomer to the golf game you will likely have kitted yourself out with some cheap golf equipment and will be raring to go out and hit some balls. The Rules of Golf are probably basically understood but you’re maybe seriously worried concerning your lack of understanding with regard to the etiquette that is required around the course.

Driver Me Crazy

Yesterday was a perfect day at OCN with PGA Instructor Ted Eleftheriou taking my daughters through their paces. I spent the time with two other dads in a mini chipping contest. I won’t say I was completely deplorable, but I could use a few years work.

Golf Tips – Reading the Green

Reading the green in golf can be the difference between winning and losing, and needs careful attention if your going to get anywhere in your golfing life. To put it simply, reading the green is an attempt to visualize or guess the path that the golf ball will take once you hit it, and getting this part of the game right will almost always result in a better putting experience.

How to Golf – Putting

There’s no getting away from it, the key to success in the game of golf lies within what happens on the putting green. It doesn’t matter how consistent the rest of your game is, the inability to sink your golf putts will almost always result in a mediocre score. Described by many as a game within a game, putting in most cases accounts for nearly half of the shots played in a round of golf, and getting at least the basics right is a must if your goal is to improve your overall golf game.

Golf Tips – Look After Your Golf Clubs And They Will Look After You

Do you know that looking after your golf clubs can actually improve your performance on the golf course? To get the best from your golf clubs you need to look after them. You also need to take good care of the grips. In this article I’ll explain how to do it well and why it’s so important.

Shooting Your Best Golf Scores

We all want to shoot good golf scores, the scores that truly represent what our skills are capable of providing. Whatever score that is, if we walk off the 18th green knowing that we got the most out of every shot, we feel good about the day because we did our best. Maintaining mental focus is the best way for that to happen.

The 2011 British Open

On the 10th of July 2011 the most talented players across the globe descend upon the Royal St. Georges club in Scotland for the 2011 British Open at the renowned Sandwich course. The former no. 1 Tiger Woods is likely to miss the tournament due to injury but this shouldn’t really affect the overall scheme of the tournament, as the American golfer’s form has been less than impressive since his involvement in a tabloid scandal last year.

Golfing Handicap System – The Basics

What is the handicap system? When buying golf equipment, it is recommended to ask the supplier what level of handicap the club is best suited for. Some golfing equipment is specifically tailored for scratch players whilst some is more suitable for higher handicap players.

Golf Range Finder Reviews – Are Range Finders Legal?

Do you play golf just for pleasure, trying to shoot your lowest score and beat your regular playing buddies? Or do you enjoy the excitement and buzz of competing against a wider field in tournament play, either at your country club (or local course) or even at high profile events?

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