Brooks Koepka thinks beef with Bryson ‘helps grow the game’ | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Golf Central has all the latest from this week’s Palmetto Championship, where Brooks Koepka is looking to get more rounds in now that his knee is feeling healthy and hopes that his back-and-forth with Bryson DeChambeau puts golf in front of people who wouldn’t otherwise see it. #GolfChannel #GolfCentral
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Brooks Koepka thinks beef with Bryson ‘helps grow the game’ | Golf Central | Golf Channel

Golf Instruction Tip – Find a Golf Instruction System and Stick With It

The best golf instruction tip I can suggest you do is after you have read or watched a golf instruction book or DVD, make sure that there is a teacher who can provide you with one on one lessons. I can’t stress enough that one on one lessons are the fastest way to get ahead with your golf instruction. What normally happens is that many golfers will purchase the latest instruction DVD or book and then try to learn by themselves the instruction written about.

Are You a Grip and Rip Golfer or a Swinger?

Grip and rip is a common term used by many golfers who like to bash the living day lights out of the ball. They address the ball, and then they put a death grip on their club with their forearms tightening up, and then they swing back and move violently through the ball with a wallop.

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Taking golf swing lessons from a PGA pro for many beginners is a lot like drinking from a fire hydrant. Training time would be much better spent focusing on two or three principles that we all need to know.

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If lowering your golf score is a priority, golf putting drills with tees are an efficient way to do so. This type of drill can help you lower your overall number of strokes significantly which is very helpful if you prefer short games. Eliminate three, four and five putts once and for all with the proper use of these drills. Here are the areas where this type of drill will produce the most improvement.

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One of the most common problems golfers of all ability have in their golf game is the slice. The slice can have many causes and this article looks at several possible problems in the golf swing that cause the slice, and how they can be corrected.

Include Antique Golf Balls In Your Collection

You will see that golf balls are an important part of your golf kit and without them you cannot play this game. The balls that are available these days are greatly different from the ones that were available in the olden days. If you are a golf enthusiast and you want to make a good collection of golf accessories then you must surely try purchasing this elegant accessory, as they are unique and highly stylish.

Antique Golf Balls – Every Collector’s Dream Item

There are various recreational sports that are played with great zeal all around the world but one great game that is suitable for people of all ages whether they are young or old is Golf. Big golf courses are made in almost every city that helps you in enjoying this game to the fullest. If you play this game on a regular basis, then you would surely like to collect unique and antique accessories that are available in the market these days at highly affordable rates.

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Those few seconds between the time you tee up the ball, or approach the ball on the fairway, and actually strike it will probably determine how effective the shot will be. Will that be a time when those mental demons creep in, making you lose focus? By using your pre-shot routine that is tailored to you, there will only be time to concentrate on the job at hand. So why does every good golfer have an effective pre-shot routine? Because it works!

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Is there a simple golf tip that can help to lower your score? What should I be thinking about before I hit my shot? This article reveals a simple golf tip that pros and high handicappers have found to be quite helpful.

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In order to master the long iron, you will need both patience and practice. This is true even if you have the right technique. Of the standard clubs, clubs one to four are often thought to be the most demanding.

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