Brian Morris fighting cancer and golf course at Bermuda Championship | Golf Central | Golf Channel

The Golf Central crew check in on the Bermuda Championship, where Brian Morris is making his PGA Tour debut while fighting stage four cancer and Jakari Harris joins the show to talk about how the Drew Charter School and golf is helping her change the game. #GolfCentral #GolfChannel #PGA
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Brian Morris fighting cancer and golf course at Bermuda Championship | Golf Central | Golf Channel

How Much Should I Spend on Golf Cart Accessories?

How much you spend on golf cart accessories really depends on what you are looking for. Some accessories cost much more than others, and as with most things, you will have some variation in price depending on the style and quality you end up selecting. For example, cart covers range from $20 for a simple plastic cover to $250 for a 6-seat wrap around enclosure with windows.

Mastering the Art of a Professional Golf Swing

Golfers from around the world are doing their best in mastering the art of a professional golf swing. On TV and internet, you can see them putting in tremendous efforts to improve their swing in leaps and bounds. The way they master their shots seems effortless and very professional.

3 Things to Avoid in Golf

In my last 6 articles, I keep mentioning what you should do to improve your golf swing and play like a pro. In this article, I am going to talk what you should not do to improve your golf swing or best of all, avoid them at all costs.

What’s the Difference Between a Golf Driver and a Wood?

There is no difference! While people refer to a golf driver by that name, and then call the 3- and 5-woods “woods,” the driver is actually a member of the wood family. It is just designed to go even farther than these other clubs.

Golf Cart Accessories For You and Your Pet

One of the most original but also quite popular golf cart accessories is a pet bed or pet lookout for the golf cart. For someone who doesn’t have a pet, this is of course an amusing novelty item. But for someone with a small dog who is calm and enjoys riding along, a pet bed or pet lookout is a great way to combine two loves-your pets and your golf game-at the same time.

“Golf” Shooting in the 70’s – Golf Tips I

This article will help the golfer to achieve their own personal golf swing. The golfers swing will also be improved from the instruction on how to find the proper plane.

Which Clubs Come in a Standard Golf Club Set?

A standard golf club set for adult play includes twelve to fourteen golf clubs when you buy it. That includes 2-3 woods, 8 irons (one of which is a driver), and 2-3 wedges.

The Golf Game – Par, Birdie, Eagle

The object of the golf game is to get a small ball into a cup lined hole in as few strokes as possible. It sounds easy; however, the difficulty is hitting the ball from 75 to 600 yards into a flagged hole that you cannot see. Sometimes you can place the golf ball into the hole with one stroke of the golf club. Most times not.

How to Swing Your Golf Club Like a Pro?

To be able to swing your golf like a pro takes time and plenty of consistent practice. Unless you are a fast learner who can absorb all the essential information and put into practice in a matter of hours, you need to be realistic about the entire process before you can even think of being on the same par as professional golfers or even your golf idol.

The Major Advantages of Golf Training Aids

Golf training aids let you practice your golfing skills without going to a course, putting green, or driving range. There are three major advantages to practicing with an aid at home: They encourage frequent practice because they are convenient in both time and location. They are more affordable than green fees and private instructors.

Golf Course – A Walking Play Board

Are you preparing to play a round of golf at your local public golf course? Before you start beginners have many questions. Here are answers to those commonly asked questions.

Golf Cart Accessories Not to Miss Out On

There are a great number of golf cart accessories that you can find to enhance the use and experience of your golf cart. The types of accessories, as well as the number of them, that you choose to buy will depend on the type of use your cart (or carts) undergo. For example, a golf course with a fleet of cars parked in a garage may not need a cart storage cover, but someone who keeps a cart in their garage may not need as strong of an anti-theft system as a golf course (which, as a business, is more likely to be targeted).

Golf Training Aids For Your Golf Swing

If you want to improve your golf swing, especially for your drive, then spending the money on a golf training aid to use at home may be something for you to consider. At-home training equipment lets you practice whenever you want, without having to drive across town or pay for the privilege of swinging a club on someone else’s land.

Getting That Right Golf Club Shaft Flex in Your Swing

Do you want to improve your game in every swing you make in the greens? Then you have to understand that your shaft flex factors in to the betterment of your game. The “Flex” factor refers to the dexterity of a golf shaft to bend when forces are applied to it when swinging the golf club.

Choosing a Travel Bag For Your Golf Vacation

If you are going on an upcoming golf vacation that is far enough to require air travel, you will need a travel golf bag for your trip. A standard golf bag won’t protect clubs and keep them together while you’re in transit, so you’ll need to decide which of the two main bag types is right for you: Hard case travel bags have a solid exterior with a zipper enclosure for easy access to your clubs and gear. They’re especially good for protecting extra-long length clubs.

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