Beyond the Fairway: Seth Waugh (Ep. 17 FULL) | Golf Channel

Doug Smith and Will Lowery go ‘Beyond the Fairway’ with PGA of America CEO Seth Waugh and discuss the decision to move the 2022 PGA Championship from Trump Bedminster, the threat of Super League Golf, a lack of diversity among PGA America members and more. Plus, Will and Doug discuss Rory McIlroy’s win at Quail Hollow, and Doug has a special ‘Shank of the week’. #GolfChannel #BeyondTheFairway #PGA
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Justin Thomas uses his imagination to escape greenside bunker | Presidents Cup | Golf Channel

Good Putting Drills

Developing good putting drills that work is one of the greatest ways to decrease your score. Lots of golfers lose a major number of strokes as soon as they move onto the green. By utilizing good putting drills, you can learn to get the ball into the hole in less strokes.

Golfing Tips For Driving

Participants of all talent levels are interested in new golfing tips for driving. Striking from the tee is individually one of the most significant aspects of the sport, plus can be one of the most tricky. For many golfers, the tee area is a fifty-fifty area at best.

Drive The Golf Ball Further With More Control

Want to hit the golf ball further? Are you lacking control of your drives? If you are a golfer or a trainer working with people who golf you will be interested in the exercises here that will improve you or your clients game!

Correcting a Slice

Like any golf tactic, correcting a slice is mostly a process. Via working your way through the possible reasons, you can eventually find the root of your dilemma. Allow me to share some time-tested tips on correcting a slice. Even though you can find numerous issues that could lead to slicing the ball, some tend to be more frequent than others. One of the most recurrent reasons takes place during address.

Great Golfing Tips for Beginners

Even though it’s simple to find golfing tips for beginners on the Internet, various reports along with training systems skip over a number of portions that are significant for new golf players. Here are a couple of of the lesser-known golfing tips for beginners.

You Can Hit the Golf Ball Straight

Golfers know that hitting the ball straight is the most difficult skill to acquire. They also know that it is the most important skill they can have. By following the steps below, you can teach yourself how to get it.

Fold The Shoulder, For a Proper Swing

The point of this article is to focus in on one particular aspect of the golf swing and that aspect is the beginning of the shoulder turn. As is true with most things, a good start more times than not leads to a better than average chance at completing the task properly.

Golf Is a Specialized Sport, So It Needs a Specialized Expert Witness

An expert golf witness is critical to any dispute involving golf. In addition to retaining an intelligent and well-meaning expert, it is important for the expert golf witness to portray an air of credulity and openness.

Bushnell Tour V2 Review – Increase Your Precision on The Golf Course

Are you looking for a handy device to help you perform better on the golf course? Have you considered getting yourself a laser rangefinder? Using this gadget is not considered illegal for tournament play, and it will certainly help you improve your golf swing. To date, the Bushnell Tour V2 Golf Laser Rangefinder is the smallest yet the most advanced laser rangefinder you can find on the market. Despite the small size, it is quite an impressive device. r also boasts a 5x magnification.

Release The Club, the Wrist’s Special Function

One part of the golf swing that may be learned easily is the proper wrist release. First, it is necessary to clear up some misunderstandings about how the golfer should release the club. Some writings on the golf swing seem to suggest that the wrist release is a matter of “rolling the wrists”. The wrists and ultimately the club are not released by rolling the wrists. Although the wrists in fact do roll during the golf swing.

Courage, I’m Not Sure This Word Belongs In Professional Golf

Recently, during the Tour Championship Golf Tournament and Fedex Cup finale, one of the golfers, Luke Donald, was being interviewed. During the interview, the commentator discussed the year Mr. Donald had just experienced referring to the way he managed his golf game. The word the commentator used to refer to his golf performance was courageous!

Golf Driver Swing: How to Stop Slicing

Use these tips to cure your slice off the tee. To learn how to swing the golf driver is extremely important if you want to be a good golfer and shoot low scores.

Your Best Golf GPS

The game of gentlemen is something you want to invest in, if you want to have the best possible results. You want to master the skills of the game, whether you are a professional player or an amateur. Even then, regardless of your mastery of the game, there is nothing that will give you an advantage over other players than the golf GPS.

Buying a Golf GPS

First time golfers need some tips on buying their own equipment; if you are a first timer you are in the right place. For anyone who wants to improve their game and make the best of their time as golfers; a golf GPS is a must have. It may seem like an accessory – and for many who love golf this is an accessory. However, for any professional or a person intent at making the best out of their game, this is a must-have application.

Getting a Golf GPS

Getting the best of applications like this is a relative concern since not everyone prefers using this application when they play “the game of gentlemen.” What someone else will prefer is not necessarily what you will prefer. An amateur will not want the same features as a professional.

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