Beyond the Fairway: Jon Rahm’s Win and the Brooks/Bryson Rivalry (Ep. 23 FULL) | Golf Channel

Doug Smith and Will Lowery discuss Jon Rahm’s first U.S. Open win, Rory McIlroy’s putting woes, the Brooks/Bryson rivalry and much more. They also dole out their Shank of the Week to the same person, but for different reasons. #GolfChannel #BeyondTheFairway –
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Beyond the Fairway: Jon Rahm’s Win and the Brooks/Bryson Rivalry (Ep. 23 FULL) | Golf Channel

Newbie’s Best Golf Clubs

A new player like you needs the best golf clubs that you can have, it may not be that easy to choose among the best clubs in the market. You have to remember that there are some tips that will guide you as you try to choose among the best clubs.

Mental Focus Or Imagery – How Is It Done?

You can easily lower your handicap another 20 or 30 yards by pre-performing in your mind with mental focus and imagery techniques. The success of your physical application is founded on your mental practice. Let your mental focus or imagery be your cheerleader to play golf.

The Golf Clubs For Classy Ladies

Looking for golf clubs that a lady like you can use is quite easy but you need to take into considerations some important factors. Make sure that you keep the tips in mind all the time. These will certainly help you choose among the best in the market.

Golf Clubs For Good Junior Players

A lot of things must be put into your mind in order for you to choose among the best junior golf clubs. These are very important for a new or junior player in golf. The tips mentioned will guide you on how to do it.

Ways To Learn The Game Of Golf

The game of golf is such a fun activity that you can learn to do. It will unite you with nature and will help you develop yourself holistically. There are best ways to learn the game. There are tips that will surely guide you on the best things to do. Make sure that you remember them all the time so that you will be able to learn the game well.

Golf Clubs For Newbies

There are different stores and even online sites that sell golf clubs for as newbie. The tips mentioned are indeed good guide that you may use as you look for those that you can buy form him. What you need to do is to keep them in your mind all the time since these will help you later on.

Golfers – Learn to Work the Ball

This winter I learned how to hit the ball in both directions – curve it left, curve it right – on command. Those are good skills to have, in that learning them makes you really think about what you’re doing when you hit the ball. It’s not just rear back and fire. There has to be a purpose to the shot, and playing with direction focuses your mind in that regard.

How a GPS Rangefinder Can Help Lower Your Score and Cut Your Handicap

Do you play unfamiliar courses and want accurate ‘local knowledge’ without having to play the course several times to get it? Do you know exactly how far you hit each club in your bag or do you always struggle to pick the correct club for the shot? A GPS rangefinder will give you accurate course information so you can play a new course well the first time. It will also let you measure the distance of each shot so you can easily build up the knowledge to pick the correct club every time. Want to save shots and lower your handicap – read about GPS rangefinders and how to use them here.

Tips to Gain Golf Club Control Through a Strong Left Hand Grip

A dominant left hand grip will help control hand action and the launch when ever chipping and pitching. Preserve shots in close proximity to the green with a powerful left hand golf club grip.

Guiding Tips On How To Be a Better Golfer

Finding a better solution to your golfing game is very simple but to the newcomers into the game of golfing it might look like magic to them. They are not making progress in a golf swing that can generate power and accuracy despite all the effort they have put in the game – there seems to be no head way.

Golf Training At Home – Why It Is Important

Has this ever happened to you? You have two hours to spare, so you jump in the car, drive to the club or local golf range, get all set up with clubs, balls and a plan on what you will work on, and it begins to rain. We all know the feeling. We think there is a better, more time-efficient way to put in the necessary time to prepare for the game we love with indoor golf training.

Golf Tips to Improve Your Short Game in Golf

Lowering your scores in golf can be accomplished by improving your short game. Make no mistake about it, this is one area that can change your game with just a little practice. There are more shots lost inside of 100 meters, than anywhere else on the golf course. Shave 5 strokes or more off your game without having to change your entire game.

Low Cost Golfing Products

In case you are a newbie at golf, you ought to be weary of slipping in to the trap with forking out shed loads of money for getting the best equipment along with the best add-ons. There are many affordable golf sets in existence and you will not have a problem discovering them, particularly throughout the winter. If you’re happy to play with used golf sets, then you are able to save lots of funds.

Used Golf Clubs You Can Have Now

In the game of golf, you will need the best clubs. But you need not to spend for new ones all the time. You have to realize that there are used golf clubs that you can buy from the market too. The tips mentioned will guide you for sure to look for the best ones.

A Set Of Golf Clubs As A Gift For Him

You may give gift certificates if you really have to no idea on what to give. The tips mentioned will surely help you buy the best gift for as golfer. The tips mentioned will surely help. You need to remember them all the time to have the best guide. These will surely guide you well.

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