Beyond the Fairway: Co-Host of Holey Moley Rob Riggle (Ep. 32 FULL) | Golf Channel

Actor, comedian and co-host of Holey Moley on ABC Rob Riggle joins Doug Smith and Will Lowery to discuss the show, his golf game and how he deals with fans yelling ‘POW!’ at him in public. #BeyondTheFairway #RobRiggle –
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Beyond the Fairway: Co-Host of Holey Moley Rob Riggle (Ep. 32 FULL) | Golf Channel

How to Putt Better – How To Visualize Your Putts

Congratulations on taking the first step towards using the power of your mind to improve your putting! Visualizing your putts is one of the strategies you can use to positively influence the way you approach each putt. Golf is a game where the ball is stationary, giving you time to prepare yourself for the shot. However, many golfers develop a counter-productive habit of negative talk when they stand over the putt. Instead of multiple swing thoughts, focus your attention on visualizing the pathway of the ball until it drops into the hole.

Can Ryder Cup Unveil Real Sportsmanship?

Golf hero, Arnold Palmer wanted to get the war lords to play golf & create a peaceful world. Another golf supremo constantly challenged apartheid way before the anti-apartheid movement grew, other golfers made the world a better place while others simply created great moments of sportsmanship that made people stop and think. Here is that Ryder Cup moment that still mesmerises us all…

Where Is the Perfect Place to Get Some Golf Practice? At Home of Course

Getting out to a practice range is a great way to improve your swing but also a great way to spend a lot of time travelling and a lot of money on buckets of balls. By practising at home you can save heaps of time that can mean more time swinging and loads of cash that will cover the cost of your golf practice net.

It’s Ryder Cup Week!

It’s the Ryder Cup week and the world’s best players are competing. Discover teams, pairings, and history of the 2010 Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor Wales.

Senior Golf – You’re Never Too Old To Play This Wonderful Game

Playing senior golf may mean that you lose distance with your tee shots and long irons. As you continue to play, you should make adjustment for age. If you have been playing regularly, you may have already adjusted your fitness and your clubs, other equipment etc…

How to Hit the Ball Off a Wall – Some Simple Golfing Pointers

As Miguel Angel Jimenez showed in this years British Open it is in some cases possible to turn a terrible lie close to a wall to your advantage by hitting the wall and let the ricochet land on the green. • Choose a club with large amount of loft to get the ball off the wall as high as possible. A seven iron is the minimum requirement but nine iron or a pitching wedge is the most common weapon of choice in this situation. The higher the ball hits the wall, the farther it will travel.

Big Muscle Golf

There is a mistake in golf that the majority of players make and that is making the swing with the smaller muscles of the body, namely the arms and shoulders. A powerful golf swing is generated by the leg and back muscles, and in the next few minutes you will understand what I mean by big muscle golf.

New and Improved Models of the Golf Club

Each year the new and improved models of the golf club comes to the marketplace. It has evolved into the ultimate tool for playing the game.

How to Become a Hooker, Not a Slicer!

Ever wondered about the best way to fix a golf slice? I’ve outlined 4 steps below that will help you make the transition from “slicer” to “hooker”!

Learn The Right Golf Putting Stance

Your golf putting stance is basically the way you set up your body posture when you stand and address the golf ball. It is a vital part of your putting setup and can have a huge impact on the overall consistency of your putting.

What Makes the Gary Edwin Golf Swing Effective?

It is undeniable that out of the 27 million golfers on the planet, not everyone could say that they have mastered their swings. Some might have, but there are those who are still finding ways and means to improve their swings. Gary Edwin golf swing has actually led many to the pinnacle of success in golf.

Understanding The Mental Game Of Golf

The mental game of golf is part of the game that amateur golfers fail to practise. All professional golfers realise the importance of this part of the game, and spend a lot of time practising and refining their mental skills. This article gives a brief insight along with a very good drill to help you make the first steps in becoming better at the mental game of golf.

How Does The Gary Edwin Golf Swing Solve Drive Problems?

All golfers know that it is always the swing that matters. The golf club may be a part of your success as a golfer, but it is definitely the swing that counts. While some golfers may have actually found it difficult to perfect their swing, somehow Gary Edwin was able to develop a golf swing technique that can give golfers an edge over other players.

What Types of Golf Tips Could Be Useful?

Ben was really excited about joining the over-40s golf comp with his friends. He found that he had a couple of bad habits that had to do with his swing, though, and they were really letting him down. He wanted to fix them fast before they started to affect other parts of his game.

Golf Putter Types – Conventional, Belly Or Long?

If you are looking to choose a golf putter, then there are 3 main golf putter types to select from. Find out which one will suit your golf putting style best.

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