Beyond The Fairway: 2021 3M Open winner Cameron Champ (Ep. 29 FULL) | Golf Channel

Fresh off his win at the 3M Open Cameron Champ sat down with Will Lowery and Doug Smith to discuss his first win since 2019, how he has found a new balance between life and golf, being a voice for the black community on the PGA Tour, and much more! Plus Will revels in his pick of C.T. Pan to take the bronze at the 2020 Olympics and the duo dole out their Shanks of the Week. #GolfChannel #BeyondTheFairway #CameronChamp –
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Beyond The Fairway: 2021 3M Open winner Cameron Champ (Ep. 29 FULL) | Golf Channel

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Breaking 80 Regularly In Golf Is Hard – Do You Have What It Takes To Get There?

Golf really is supposed to be fun, and when you first start out that’s exactly what it is. Just a great day out with friends or family enjoying the weather and the beauty of your local golf course. For most golfers those days are in the past and we really just want to improve our game enough to consider a fun again.

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I just back from the AMF Instructor Summit in Dallas, Texas. AMF is an organization of like minded golf professionals that will get together to share information on all subjects golf. Each year, there is an AMF Instructor Division Summit that brings a bunch of us together in an effort to learn and share ideas about the golf swing and/or playing golf.

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