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Golf Clubs Are Being Helped By Golf Club Consultants

Golf clubs have been turning to consultant for help with their business aspirations and plans for change. Many clubs have had to take a hard look at ways to make improvements and regain their financial stability in an increasingly difficult economic environment. In now, when the worlds economy is said to be recovering, golf clubs have to tighten belts and consider plans very carefully. Falling memberships amongst younger players, increasing costs and the need for updating facilities and course can put huge financial strains on long standing clubs.

Golf Club Management Consultants

Golf clubs can often feel as though they are stuck and in need of change. Falling memberships amongst younger players and spiralling costs can take their toll on a club and threaten the financial stability and longevity of any well-known club.

Common Mistakes When We Read Golf Greens

Probably if you asked most golfers who consider themselves proficient at putting why they miss most putts, they would blame it on putting technique. Certainly most of us have difficulties pulling or pushing some putts or with other technical matters related to the putting stroke. But I think most of our putting issues come from not properly reading greens.

What Are the Features of a Great Golf Hole?

I was playing golf recently when I came across a familiar hole that has given me quite a lot of grief during past few rounds. It’s not a particularly difficult par five but a score can balloon to a seven or eight with a single mistake. I consider this a very good golf hole, and it got me thinking of just what it is that makes a great hole when we play golf. Obviously that’s an individual thing, and even professional golfers talk about great golf holes that for them are very difficult.

Change Your Approach and Change Your Golf Game

The traditional approach to golf instruction needs to have an update. There needs to be more interaction between student and teacher. This series of articles shows how golf teachers can become better “coaches” and students can become better “learners.”

Producing An Effective Golf Training Program – 7 Step System

Create golf practice sessions that really work. To do this, you must have an overall practice and training plan and consistent accountability of your progress. Take these 7 Steps and start to see real improvement in your game!

Sand Shots From Different Sand Types

When we watch professional golfers hit balls from the sand it seems like they hit them practically flawlessly. Often the question is not will they get it out of the trap, but how close will they get it or will they knocked it in? They are incredibly talented in their craft, but they do have one advantage that many of us who play less-than-perfect municipal courses, and that is that the quality of sand that the professionals play is close to perfect all the time.

Golf Fitness Fundamentals

Golf Fitness Fundamentals to get your Game in Gear – The goal of the golf swing is to strike the ball in order to achieve maximum distance with a high level of accuracy. There is a kinesthetic sequence that will allow an efficient and effective golf swing. All great golf strikers have an identical sequence of generating speed and transferring energy through the kinetic chain.

Golf Remains a Great Game, But Not the Business of Golf

Many of us who play golf on a regular basis might not realize it but the business of golf at the present time is in a long-term recession. Whenever we go to play there is at least in most areas never a shortage of options, as there are golf deals all around. But generally the number of golfers as trended downward over the last 10 to 15 years, and it is putting pressure on a lot of golf courses as to whether they can remain financially viable.

Why You Need A Golf Coach Rather Than A Golf Lesson

Changes need to be made in how we teach golf if the average golf student is to see any consistent, sustainable improvement in their golf game. I believe that “Golf Teaching Professionals” need to become “Golf Coaching Professionals.” Read further to see why. This is the second in a three series article.

Three Things to Do When Playing the Sand Shot

It’s interesting to watch professional golfers play shots out of the sand. Provided they have a reasonably good lie, their consistency and accuracy is amazing. If a professional golfer is not on the green it seems like the place he would rather be is in a sand trap. Contrast that with amateur golfers who would rather be just about anywhere on the course but a sand trap. That should tell us is that these shots shouldn’t be as difficult as high handicap golfers make them.

Proper Hand Position at Impact During the Golf Swing

One of the most common problems that high handicap golfers have is in the position of their hands at ball impact. Many people with this problem swing the club as if the hands have to stay behind the ball with the club face in the lead. This causes many poorly struck balls, plus it substantially takes away much of the clubs speed, and power that the golfer should have.

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