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If you’re tired of only hitting a handful of clubs in your bag effectively, then Aimee Cho and John Montgomery III have the solution. In this upcoming series, they guide you through the right techniques for each club, giving you a more complete game and better results each time. In this tip, Aimee Cho gives you some of her best driving tips.

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4 Simple Ways to Lower Your Handicap

Did you know that getting out earlier in the day can be beneficial to your golf score? It’s true!

Buy Used Clubs Online – Your Golf Buddies Do Not Need to Know!

Play it smart and buy used clubs online this year. You should look at buying golf clubs like you look at buying a car. If you buy a new car it loses a large percentage of its value by the time you drive it off the lot.

How to Buy Golf Clubs For Your Level of Game

Buying the wrong golf clubs is as terrible for you as buying the wrong car for a race driver. If you do not have the appropriate equipment, you will not be able to play well no matter how experienced you are.

Your Lousy Putting Techniques Are Killing Your Golf Score

How important are good putting techniques? If you are the average weekend golfer your number of putts is about 40% of your score for the round. If you average 105 then you are carding about 41 of those strokes on the greens.

Getting Yourself Up and Out of the Sand

There are a good few people who play golf and dread hitting the ball in to the sand traps, it can often mean a number of dropped shots for some people since they struggle to get themselves out of the sand. There are golfers though that can take the occasional sand shot in their stride with many professionals able to hit the ball out of the sand better than most people do from the grass near to the hole.

Golf Tips – Different Shots Require Different Stances

There are many different golf shot types that you will need to make in order to become a well rounded golfer. There are the obvious ones such as the drive and putt but it is often a case that the in between shots such as the chip and pitch that require a greater control and judgment of how strong your shot needs to be that can be more difficult to master.

How a Golf Trolley Can Help You on the Golf Course

A lot of people play golf these days; it has expanded its appeal in a huge way in recent years to the point that most golf courses are packed with people both young and old. Many people may only play golf on the weekends occasionally whereas others may go regularly and be members at a local golf club. One of the key bits of equipment that people may not have is a golf trolley.

The US Open at Pebble Beach Looks Set to Be a Battle Between Old and New

The US Open at the picturesque Pebble Beach is soon to get underway and with early indications of great weather and a fast rolling playing surface it looks as though there’s no dangers of the poor weather at last year’s tournament as Bethpage which saw players sacrificing control in favour of hitting the ball as far as they could to compensate for the poor rolling and speed-sucking grass. So with sunny skies and ideal playing surfaces this year’s tournament and the big question on everyone’s lips is whether three time winner at Pebble Beach Tiger Woods will be able to continue his return to his former glory and win this year.

Make the Most of the British Summer With These British Golf Courses

Golf is often a sport associated with the fairer weather, not only is the rain and wind annoying but it can also radically change your shots and so when it is sunny and calm outside many golfers will flock to their local golf course and get a round of golf in. A lot of golfers take golfing holidays abroad to get the perfect conditions and a stunning backdrop but here in the UK as long as we have the decent weather then it can be just as pleasant to play golf here in the United Kingdom instead.

The Perfect Golfing Gifts For Father’s Day

Golf gifts can often be personalised making them extra special such as imprinting their name on golf balls which can help when arguing over whose ball has landed closest to the flag or which one is now half buried in the bunker. Golf gloves and other accessories are a great idea as they are practical and your father will get plenty of use out of them.

Making the Step Up to Playing Golf Professionally in Competitions

Golf is often a nice hobby to enjoy on a sunny afternoon with friends; a little friendly competition adds that little motivation for you to perform well and if you do happen to have a poor round then it won’t be too much of a letdown, well that all depending on how much ribbing you get from your friends anyway! Some people relish the challenge of improving their skills and enjoy the competition though, if you find that you want to push yourself a little and play golf at a higher level then you will likely want to try…

Proper Preparation For a Game of Golf

It is important before any competitive sport that we warm up and properly prepare for the game ahead as failure to do so could mean we could injure ourselves or any other inconvenience. Golf is a prime example of this as despite the majority of the time you are essentially doing nothing more strenuous than walking, the fact that you are taking a golf swing at intermittent times during this can be a shock to the system for your body and this is how injuries can occur.

Modern Golf Club Features and How They Can Help Your Game

In most sports you may find that as time goes by new technology comes about that can help get better performance or make playing the sport easier or give you extra control: Runner’s shoes, tennis racquets and many other sports equipment have received many benefits from the advances in technology in recent years, one sport in particular is golf. Golf clubs have come a long way from the days when they were made from hickory wood and these days the distances some of the professional golfers like Tiger Woods can hit the ball are partially down to the equipment…

Cure That Slice to Land Perfect Tee Shots in Golf

Stepping up to the tee when we’re playing golf is a nerve wracking experience, even if it is just a friendly round with your mates you don’t want to be the person who hits their drive and it slices way off in to the deep rough. On a competitive level this situation can be made worse as spectators or your partner for the round will be silently judging you. Many professional golfers cite the first tee shot as being the most tense part of their game, you need to start well to get into your flow quickly, mess it up and you could be in for a long day in the rough.

Precision Golf Club

Poor musician blame their instrument if they don’t play their pieces well on stage. This is indeed true in any fields, especially in sports, when your performance relies on how well you can make use of your skills through the instruments and equipments needed to play the game. In gold, club plays a very big role in hitting the ball, it is not just about the skills and talent of the golfer, it is also about how the club will maximize the skill and the power of the hit coming from the golfer’s arms.

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