Garmin Approach S3: Truly Simple and Precise

Garmin Approach S3, the name says it all. It’s another watch that is rugged enough to take anywhere, but would give you the help you need while playing Golf then you does not need to look any farther.

Junior Golf Scoring

Ok, so your junior golfer has been playing golf for a few years, and is finally getting the hang of it. One problem, he or she has a scoring problem. No matter how much they play or practice, they just can’t get under 90.

Garmin’s Lightweight Golf GPS: Garmin Approach S1

Garmin has been at the forefront of GPS technology for a long time now and they are already a world leader in providing high quality Golf GPS units and watches to golfers everywhere around the world. Garmin Approach S1 is another product that helps golfers to measure the ball distance and find the range of the golf course. It is very obvious as when they designed the Garmin Approach Series for golfers, it quickly started grabbing attention and it has been a hot topic of conversation amongst golfers ever since.

The Modern Movement in Golf

Anyone for big baggy golf trousers and a giant polo shirt to match? Didn’t think so. That’s not even close to what golfers wear on the course today. The new modern golf professional is in tip top shape and wears clothing that accentuates this more athletic look…

Junior Golf Tournaments – Parent Observation

Hi there junior golf parents. I wanted to share with you my impression of a junior golf tournament organization that my son participated in last summer. Before I go any further, I would like to state that I am not a golf professional.

Golf Swing: Hitting the Right Target

Just like any other sports, playing golf requires basic skills, mental focus, and having the right tools. This article is about the fundamentals to help you achieve peak performance in golf.

2 Reasons Why Your Foot Placement Is Ruining Your Tee Shots

Most golfers often overlook their stance and setup when it comes to straight tee shots. If your tee shots are going astray, it is time to take a look at your stance and correct two common flaws in your foot placement. Chances are that one of these errors in setup is sending your tee shots into the woods.

Improving Your Golf Short Game

For those who watch golf, The Masters golf tournament perfectly illustrates the need for a consistent golf short game. It doesn’t matter how long your drives or fairway shots are if you can’t get the ball close to the hole around the greens…

Junior Golf – Sample Practice Plan

First of all, I want to state that I am not a professional golfer or even a golf coach. I have simply been around the game of golf for several years, and most recently, have watched my son go through the junior golf circuit. With this exposure, I have watched several of his practice sessions, both on his high school golf team, as well as with his personal golf instructor.

Junior Golf – Work Ethic

I don’t know about you, but I’m really sick and tired of hearing about how we are over-working our junior athletes. How many times have I heard, “kids should not practice as much,” “we should just let kids be kids,” “all of this specialized training is burning out our youth.” Nonsense.

Golf Equipment – What Equipment You Will Need to Start a Round of Golf

Are you asking yourself what kind of equipment am I going to need to play a round of golf? Then look no further, right here in this article you will found out exactly what you will need to start a game of golf.

Junior Golf Clubs

Your 6-8 year-old son and/or daughter has just approached you about learning to play golf. You are not a golfer. You know nothing about the game.

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