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The Five Best Golf Rivalries in History

A great part of any sport is the individual or team rivalries that develop. The Yankees and Red Sox or Cubs and Cardinals are great baseball rivalries, and they usually develop over the course of time during their head-to-head match-ups. Golf is no difference, but by the nature of golf competitions today do not involve as many face-to-face meetings. Except for Ryder Cup competitions golfers are usually competing against an entire field within a tournament.

Customizing Your Golf Cart Makes It an All Weather Vehicle

For year round use, customizing your golf cart with protection against the weather is a great investment. Feeling the open air might be an enjoyable part of using your vehicle in nice weather; but, whether you use it on the links to play or you use it for course maintenance, transporting passengers, or security, you welcome protection from the cold.

Renowned Golf Course Architect Pete Dye Traces His Design Roots to Indiana

Some of the world’s greatest golf courses were designed by Pete Dye. But he got his design start in Indiana with courses like Crooked Stick, Dye’s Walk and Maple Creek.

Golf Courses and Other Dangerous Places

Golf courses are among the most dangerous places in our community. Dangers exist even in every day places when we’re not aware of them.

What Is a Monocular Golf Scope?

This is a low-powered miniature spotting scope or telescope that you hold in your hand like you would hold binoculars. The difference between a monocular and binoculars is that with monoculars you only use one eye to look through it like you would a telescope. A monocular golf scope shares characteristics with both a spotting scope and binoculars but is much smaller. There are some of them that are no thicker than a good ink pen or no larger than your thumb.

Who Are the Next Superstar PGA Golfers?

It is always fun in sports to try to look into the future and see who the next stars are who are coming up. We really haven’t had a dominant player in golf since the glory years of Tiger Woods, but it is looking now that we might have witnessed in 2014 the heir apparent. And what would be an even greater treat would be a rivalry between a couple of golfers that are head and shoulders above the rest.

Do Different Golf Balls Make for Different Putting Results?

We’ve talked about different compression balls in how they affect the golf shot, but what are the best balls for putting? I have seen amateur golfers change their golf balls when they get close to the green as if balls actually perform better for different shots. Because a putter strikes the ball with such little force compression really isn’t involved. But is there something that makes certain golf balls easier to putt?

The Recommended Compression of Golf Balls We Use

We don’t hear as much about the compression of a golf ball as we used to, because in the last few years there has been huge advances in golf ball technology. Compression means the amount of force that it will take at ball impact to literally “squish” the ball. Compression creates density in the golf ball, and to a small amount will affect distance and loft.

Putting In The Game of Golf

Putting styles are far and few in between. How many styles are there?

Improve Your Game on the Golf Course With Pilates or Yoga

Did you know that Pilates and Yoga can advance your game on the golf course? Increasing your flexibility will markedly improve the precision of your swing, leading to increased accuracy in play. Enhancing your performance, and improving your body’s resilience, Pilates and Yoga give you the ability to play a great round with relative ease.

What’s in Store for Golf Equipment Innovations in 2015?

By all indications it looks as though innovations in golf equipment for 2015 will look a lot like those of 2014, especially with golf drivers. Over the last year there have been at least 15 adjustable drivers that have been introduced, and that seems to be the theme as we move ahead. So let’s take a look at the world of adjustable drivers and what they can and can’t do for the normal amateur golfer.

Your Golf Swing Vs. Iron Byron, the Only Perfect Golf Swing on Earth

Iron Byron, a mechanical robot, has the only perfect golf swing on earth. This article reviews the robot’s swing and offers ideas to help golfers of any age and skill level to improve their swings and lower their scores.

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