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3 MUST DO’S With Your Irons – In this weeks video Me and My Golf have a special guest in 6 time major champion Sir Nick Faldo! In this video Sir Nick Faldo will be sharing with us his secrets on what made him such a great ball striker and what amateurs can do to improve their ball striking!

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The Best Golf GPS Unit for You

It is said that the best golf GPS systems are like having your own personal caddie. It should be unimposing, helpful, and capable of accurate advice and information. Knowing which indispensable features to look for will guide you to the best golf GPS unit for you.

3 Simple Tips to Lower Your Golf Scores

If you are looking for a few simple tips that you can apply right away to your golf game, then this article will be of benefit to you. It will help you understand your swing, and apply knowledge that you learn from others or tips that you may read about.

Callaway Upro Go Review – Pro’s, Con’s And A Personal Review Of The Upro Go

Inside I want to share with you some the best things about the Upro Go and a few of the negatives. If you want to improve your golf game I strongly suggest reading this article.

The Top Tips to Fix a Slice

A golf slice is believed to be a “dreaded banana ball” due to its complexity. The golfers find it really irritating and annoying while playing the golf. It occurs when ball curves in the air from left to right and does not reach the target end. Many golfers are unaware of the slice and for this reason; they keep on struggling for years to correct their shot. If they get aware of the slice and its causes, they can easily fix it within some days. There are many causes of slice ball. These causes are crucial to understand before fixing a slice.

The Secrets Of The Single Plane Golf Swing For Consistent Golf Shots

Golfers just about everywhere are constantly searching for golf swing tips to improve their game. The single plane golf swing stands out as the easiest golf swing to learn to quickly attain consistency in the golf swing. It is actually less complex than the two plane swing and you’ll take your game to new levels with these golf swing tips.

5 Golfing Lessons That Women Golfers Need To Know

Whoever said women don’t play golf must be living on the moon! Today women play practically every sport that men played earlier. So women learning golf comes as no surprise!

Backswing – Improve Your Backswing With The Right Help

If you believe that there is no room for improvement with your golf game, then you really do still have a lot to learn. Even the best of the professional golfers out there realize that there is always room for improvement and when someone comes along with great advice, they are more than willing to take it. One of the things you might want to get advice on is your backswing .

How To Fix a Slice – Get Help For Fixing Your Slice

Many people try to learn how to play golf all on their own. While it is not completely impossible, it can be extremely disappointing. This is simply because there are a lot of tips, tricks and hints that you really want to make sure that you are focusing on.

Unconscious Golf

If you think about it, in virtually any sport, your physical actions are a product of what you have learnt to do over the weeks, months or years of learning and playing the game. What my golf pro used to call “muscle memory”. You do it without thinking. Unconsciously.

Is Golf A Mental Game?

Of course there are various possible approaches to this (no pun intended, golfers!). Is it a game of mind over matter? Are you nuts to spend so much time at it? Is it an exercise in intimidating your opponent into missing the putt? Actually, the answer to all three questions is yes. But let’s concentrate on the first one. Mind over matter, mental control, picturing and performing the perfect swing, stroke, contact? Yup, all of these.

Golf Yourself To Sleep

Forget about counting sheep jumping over the fence in an attempt to get off to sleep. What I do is I play a round of golf. I know, it’ s a bit sad really, but it not only seems to take me off to those luscious, verdant, undulating 18 holes in the sky somewhere, fast asleep, but it appears to be beneficial for my real golf game as well.

Golf Carts – Some Things About It!

So if you want to buy, let’s say gas golf carts, there are some advantages over the electric golf cart for sure. Gas golf carts provide lot more power and are more suitable to exterior surrounds where disturbance is not such a big problem.

Golf Tips 101 – How to Hit It 300 Yards

This article is part of a section of articles that give some nice golf tips that will help your golf game. I recommend going out and practicing these and including some in your warm up and regular golf game.

Golf Chipping Technique – Tips to Improve Golf Chipping for Beginners

Even great professional golfers will often miss the green in their longer strokes with the ball landing just outside the greens. For a golf beginner, it is therefore useful to learn the right golf chipping technique to excel in the short game of chipping the golf ball from just outside the putting green surface. Hence, if you are novice golfer, there are a few tips you should know to help to guide you into improving your chipping technique.

Train Your Golf Swing for Big Distance

This article is centered around training your golf swing to get some huge 300 yard distance. With the game of golf, distance is key. If you are able to hit a great tee shot, that sweet tee shot will leave you closer to the hole for your second shot.

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