14 Club Challenge – ME AND MY GOLF vs Bermuda Golf Pro’s

The Perfect Impact System Review

Are you struggling to play better golf? Would you like to make sure your season gets off to a roaring start? Chances are you’ve already tried many of the most popular instruction, however almost nothing seems to be working for you. You can keep on taking lessons and have a few faults corrected, but will they be permanent fixes? You might even play better soon after, but you will almost certainly find yourself going back to your old game. If you would like to drive it longer, play more consistent, and be the best player in your group, then keep reading.

Fixing That Nasty Slice

Struggling with a slice? Look no further than here. This article is devoted to fixing that nasty slice!

7 Tips to Improve Your Golf Skills

As the temperature is increasing, golf players are itching to return to the golf course and hit the links. Although some have work on their swing and putting in winter, but other golfers are a bit rusty.

Review of The Den at Fox Creek

The Den at Fox Creek is a beautiful course situated in southern Bloomington, IL. I have just recently started playing courses in the Bloomington area, and this course is by far my favorite. The Den is around 6,800 yards from the tips and offers many tee boxes to challenge all players at different skill levels. I must warn you though, The Den is a very tough course.

Recommended Chicagoland Golf Courses

A review of Chicagoland golf courses. If you are unsure about where to play golf, look no further than here. The top 5 affordable courses in the Chicago area are reviewed.

Why Is a Power Fade So Important to Winning Championship Golf?

The power fade has been the impetus of many pro golfers in propelling them to Major Championship success.Do you realize that of the top 8 multiple Major Championship winners 5 of them hit a power fade as their go to shot.

What You Need to Know to Correct Your Golf Slice

Don’t know what is causing you to slice the ball? It could be a number of things. Such as your balance need to be correct. Or how about your grip on the club, is it correct?

Ready Golf (Part 1)

I’m sure you’ve seen this scenario? Par 3; the foursome in front of you has three players on the green, one in the bunker. The gentleman in the bunker was the last one to get out of the cart so now he’s the last to get to the bunker. Meanwhile the 3 players on the green are standing around talking as the bunker player gets his sand wedge and heads into the trap, thinks about how to play the shot. No problem except all he gets is ball, no sand, so ball flies over the green into the bunker on the other side of the green.

Should We Modify Golf Courses And Game Play To Attract Younger Participants?

While golf remains one of the top ten recreational activities in the United States, insiders fear that the game is headed for extinction. Efforts are being made from within to make the sport more appealing to those who never picked up a club.

3 Simple Steps To Improve Your Round

There are a whole host of things that you can do to reduce your scores and improve your performance on the golf course. In this article I am going to suggest three simple ideas, which if you put into action will help you on your way to better golf.

The Power of Focus: The Student Driver Syndrome

The ability to focus on a specific target is crucial for golfers at every skill level. The majority of high-handicap golfers focus on where they don’t want to go. This is analogous to a student driver who is (understandably) consumed by fear, and deals with this emotion by slowing down. The golfer who tries to consciously control their swing by concentrating on perfect technique is similar to our student driver. Both are victims of fear. The key to overcoming fear is the ability to focus on a specific target. The smaller the target, the more you concentrate and automatically block out visions of potential hazards. Learning how to focus is a habit that can be developed by golfers at every skill level. You may not have the physical ability that comes with hours of practice, but every golfer can develop the ability to focus. Awareness is the key.

Can A Parking Space Help You Play Better?

Amateur golfers are continually advised to slow down their swing. Easy to say – hard to do. Speed is created by tension and (surprise, surprise) tension induces you to swing faster. Trying to consciously swing slower automatically creates more tension. It’s an endless loop. Your walking pace has a direct effect on your mind and body. The first step in developing a consistent swing, is finding your ideal walking speed. This article offers a guideline on how you can use a parking space to establish the optimum walking pace before you get to the first tee.

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