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Using a Range Finder to Improve Your Game

Using a Range Finder to Improve Your Game

Every golfer whoever picked up a club wants to improve their game, golf is a game that you play against yourself more so than other people.  Using a range finder to improve your game is a pretty decent strategy.  It can help you improve your accuracy on any course.  You also need to be aware that you cannot use a range finder during a tournament only during practices.  How does it help you?  Let’s explore.

What is a Range Finder?

When you’re on the course one of the hardest parts of the game is the ability to judge the distance to the next target.  A range finder can help you to do just that.  A range finder is a device that uses a laser to measure the distance to the target you are shooting for.  It works similar to telescopes or binoculars, you look through one end of the range finder to get accurate measurements.  Bear in mind that all range finders are different and some are more accurate than others.  Here is a quick tutorial on how to use a range finder.

Choosing the Right Range Finder

There are half a dozen or more manufacturers that make range finders and you can get them in a variety of styles and colors.  Although performance should be the priority when it comes to equipment not necessarily the color. They all work in basically the same way, turn on the power and then get your distance readings.  There are some settings that you will have to configure the first time you use it, but they aren’t difficult to get the hang of.  Range finders will allow you to choose between meters or yards depending on your preference.

Are Range Finders Legal?

Yes and no.  If you are playing a tournament then no, you won’t be able to use a range finder.  Most tournaments have banned the use of range finders as it gives golfers too much of an advantage.  If you are practicing your game on your home course then it shouldn’t be a problem.  Talk with the club’s golf pro to see what the club rules are for range finders.

Golf is a game of patience and it takes years to improve your game but you can shorten that time with the right tools.  A range finder can help you learn how to properly judge distances, which allows you to choose the right club to make the shot.  Be very careful about where you’re allowed to use them, you never want to be thrown out of a tournament.

Choosing the Right Golf Accessories

Choosing the Right Golf Accessories

Golf accessories is a pretty broad term that can mean anything from the tee under your ball to the golf cart that takes you around the course.  Some accessories are must haves to even play the game to luxuries like owning your own golf cart.  Choosing the right golf accessories can mean the difference between playing a great game and just being average.  Here is a guide to help you choose the right accessories to make your game better.

You can pretty easily become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of accessories for the game.  Golf is a pretty expensive hobby to begin with, add to that the cost of accessories and you can find yourself spending thousands every year while only hitting the course a half a dozen times.  You need to look objectively at what you need versus what you like.

Is It Useful

Before you whip out your credit card, step back and ask yourself if the golf accessory that you want to buy is actually useful?  Will it genuinely improve your game or is it just a shiny sales pitch.  Things like golf bags or range finders help make your game easier to play.  Golf bags are necessary to carry around your clubs, range finders can help you to judge distances.  On the other hand, if you head into any golf store there is a long list of things that don’t make your game any better.  Instead they are the latest toys that you can show off on the course.

Is it Worth the Price?

Sticking with the golf bag example, your bag has one purpose…to carry your clubs, that’s it.  A $200 Nike bag carries your clubs every bit as well as a $3,000 Louis Vuitton golf bag.  The more you play the more you are going to spend on accessories, it makes sense to choose items that work for your game rather than choosing something to impress other players on the course.  You can buy golf accessories at a fair price online, even finding some decent bargains or you can pay twice as much for them at the pro shop at your local golf course.  Golf is expensive enough so spend your money wisely.


There are some accessories that you must have in order to even play the game, your going to absolutely need a complete set of clubs, balls, and tees.  That will get you started. If you plan to play regularly then you can add to that list a good pair of golf shoes, gloves and a range finder and you’re all set.  Save the luxury items for after you win your first tournament.